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Indasina Technology Co., Ltd., a group corporation composed of factories, is committed to a variety of electronic products and solutions with strong R&D Team and technology back up.

Electronic Components

Electronic Components

Main offer SDRAM,FLASH,DDR1, DDR2,DDR3, DVB demodulation chip, DVB master control, power regulator, boost IC, ac-dc,LCD driver, 74 series, lithium battery protection IC, MOS tube.

Intelligent Security

Intelligent Security

surveillance camera, consumer camera, home security camera, smart communities, robots, building access control, educational camera, home appliances, smart toys.


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Indasina Technology Co., Limited

Indasina Technology was founded in 2009, a group corporation composed of factories, is committed to a variety of electronic products and the overall customized solutions. With strong R&D team, over 15 years' technology experience and abundant industrial resources, we have provided lots of good products and solutions to the customers, especially offering OEM/ODM and complete solutions for a spectrum of applications. Indasina Group currently involves in these areas: Exclusive Agent of  IC/components,  Smart Security products(surveillance camera, consumer camera, home security camera, smart communities, robots, building access control, educational camera, home appliances, smart toys), LED TV(CKD/SKD solutions/products from 18.5inch to 75inch) and DVB/Set-up Box, ect. Our skilled R&D Team constantly help our customers achieving economic optimization for various electrical appliances. By owning manufacturing and assembly facilities, we control every aspect of production process and quality. That is why we can provide our customers with unprecedented quality, reliability and all-round support. Indasina Group is always committed to developing new products and solution resources to provide customers with the supreme cost saving solutions. Choose us, you will gain the benefit of unparalleled technical expertise at competitive prices and the most progressive solutions available. Contact us now for more detailed information and customized solutions. Email: Tel.: +86-13336541505 WhatsApp: +86-13336541505 WeChat: +86-13336541505
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Indasina provides lots of good products and solutions to the customers, especially offering OEM/ODM and complete solutions for a spectrum of applications

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As an agent of Phison, indasina can provide customers with flash memory chips, mainly: SSD (PCIe/SATA/PATA), eMMC/UFS, SD, USB

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our products are more and more perfect and diversified, not only beautiful in appearance, but also practical in many areas.

Phison's entry-level new master PS5008-E8T: comes with HMB black technology

Phison's entry-level new master PS5008-E8T: comes with HMB black technology

The main control manufacturer Phison has brought a very cost-effective entry-level solution PS5008-E8T, especially equipped with the newly developed HMB memory buffer technology, which is expected to greatly promote the popularization of NVMe technology.PS5008-E8T belongs to the same series as PS5008-E8, which has been mass-produced. It uses PCI-E 3.0 x2 channels. Compared with traditional SATA3, it still has 3 times the bandwidth advantage, and the read and write speed can exceed 1GB/s.The difference is that the E8T cancels the external DRAM cache on the basis of the E8, which has lower power consumption and lower cost, and can be applied to desktops and notebooks.No DRAM solution will lead to a slight decrease in performance, so E8T introduces Phison's latest black technology - HMB technology.HMB, also known as Host Memory Buffer, can be turned on in the motherboard BIOS, borrowing the high-speed read and write characteristics of memory to provide higher performance for SSDs with small cache capacity or no cache, while also saving energy.According to the official introduction, after the HMB technology is turned on, the continuous read and write and 4K random read and write capabilities of the SSD have been greatly improved. The final test results are basically the same as the performance of the SSD with its own cache. The continuous read and write can exceed 1.5GB/s. , 1GB/s, random read and write can reach about 240,000 IOPS.

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Phison Introduces First SD Express Card PS5017

Phison Introduces First SD Express Card PS5017

The SD Express (SD 7.0) specification was actually announced as early as 2018. By importing the PCI-E 3.0 specification and the NVMe v1.3 protocol defined by PCI-SIG, the transfer speed can reach 985MB/s and the maximum capacity can reach 128TB. Phison officially announced the launch of the world's first SD Express Card.This SD Express memory card comes in standard and microSDXC forms, integrates the PS5017 controller chip, is compatible with PCI-E NVMe technology, and is compatible with existing card slots. As for the theoretical sequential read and write speeds of up to 870MB/s and 740MB/s, three times that of the traditional UHS-II SD Card. SD Express will use 3D QLC, pass A1, V30, U3 speed certification, and the capacity will start from 256GB, and the maximum will be 512GB.Phison pointed out that the development was not easy, mainly because the SD Card and microSD Card are very small in size, and the heat dissipation efficiency is poor during high-speed transmission, which is prone to overheating. Therefore, Phison's development this time has added a thermal protection mechanism.

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For the UFS market, Phison PS8313 and PS8311

For the UFS market, Phison PS8313 and PS8311

The memory card performance of the UFS specification is impressive, and Phison has similar plans.Samsung Electronics announced the UFS specification series of memory cards in June, and its read performance of up to 500MB/s is eye-catching. Phison also saw similar products from brand factories in the first quarter.The UFS 2.0 specification released in September 2013 has been seen on Samsung smartphones.As for the UFS 1.0 memory card specification, it was announced in March 2016, but at this stage Samsung Electronics is still leading the market.Judging from Phison's product planning, they will launch two products, PS8311 and PS8313, for different markets, of which PS8311 is aimed at UFS memory cards and mid-level UFS markets. The difference between the two lies in the number of channels, SECC and LDPC. PS8313 is 2CH and requires PCIe 3.0 x2, while PS8311 is 1CH and PCIe 3.0 x1. Phison PS8313 adopts 28nm process and supports 3D TLC NAND Flash.

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Phison releases PS5021-E21T entry-level SSD controller with PCI-E 4.0 x4 interface

Phison releases PS5021-E21T entry-level SSD controller with PCI-E 4.0 x4 interface

At CES2021, Phison announced the launch of a new main control chip for entry-level SSDs using the PCI-E 4.0 x4 interface. It supports the latest types of 3D NAND flash with an interface speed of 1600 MT/s and promises sequential read speeds of up to 5000 MBps. At the same time, it is manufactured with advanced process technology, and the volume is very small, which means lower cost, and solid-state drives can also be designed to be smaller.Phison PS5021-E21T is a four-channel controller without DRAM, supporting PCI-E 4.0 x4 interface, NVMe 1.4 protocol, and various types of 3D TLC and 3D QLC NAND flash memory, using Toggle 4.0 or ONFi 4.2 interface, with transfer rates up to 1600MT/s.The PS5021-E21T controller supports Phison's fourth-generation LDPC ECC, end-to-end data path protection, and Smart ECC 2.0 (RAID ECC) technology. In addition, the controller supports all advanced security and encryption functions such as TCG OPAL2.0/Pyrite, AES256, SHA512 and RSA4096.Phison's latest main control chip allows SSD manufacturers to build entry-level products with sequential read and write speeds up to 5000/4500 MBps and random read and write speeds up to 780K/800K IOPS. Obviously, the speed of the high-end solid state drive equipped with PS5018-E18 is much faster than that of PS5021-E21T, the continuous read and write throughput is as high as 7400/7000MB/s, and the random read and write IOPS is also as high as 1,000,000.The PS5021-E21T main controller is manufactured using TSMC’s 12nm process and is packaged in FCCSP with a size of 7.5mm×12mm, which minimizes the die size, cost and power consumption of the PS5021-E21T controller. According to Phison, if a 4TB M.2-2280/2230 SSD with Micron’s 176-layer N48R 3D QLC flash memory is used, the average power consumption is only about 4.6W, and in PS4/L1.2 low-power mode, the power consumption is less than 2mW .Since Phison provides the PS5019-E19 master control for Microsoft's Xbox Series X game console, Phison's new master control chip supports DirectStorage technology at the hardware level. However, in order to fully enable it, multiple system-wide functions need to be supported, so neither Phison nor other SSD master chip manufacturers have talked about support for this technology.

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our products are more and more perfect and diversified, not only beautiful in appearance, but also practical in many areas.

Inasina September PK Championship Kickoff Meeting 29

Inasina September PK Championship Kickoff Meeting

Our annual internal PK competition has started again. This time, we are all wearing black clothes, and black is the most mysterious and unpredictable color, just like our internal PK competition this year. With the arrival of many new friends, their strength and potential? Who can achieve explosive results and who is the dark horse is an unknown number, and the September PK match remains to be seen.The purpose of conducting a performance PK competition is to consolidate employees' professional skills, strengthen communication and learning of skills, in order to stimulate employees' professional skills training, enhance the overall communication and coordination spirit and ability of the organization. At the same time, more new employees are joining, allowing them to quickly integrate into their job responsibilities, and cultivating employees' trust and sense of belonging to the company.The atmosphere of PK matches is full.Wearing work clothes is a bit dark and organized, doesn't it feel a bit mysterious? This is our strength, and there are more and more employees.Director Liu delivered a speech, sharing the celebration banquet after the PK match that he had just arrived in October last year. Seeing the hard work and passion of each employee, he was deeply influenced. Under his leadership this year, water droplets pierce the stone, fire stars ignite the prairie, and hearts are interdependent, united to withstand countless difficulties and dangers; Layers of leaves form a shadow, and trees form a forest. Work shoulder to shoulder, unite to create a better tomorrow, and work together to achieve better results than last year.After the kickoff meeting, we also shared delicious food and rewarded the employees first. The next September will be up to you, Hehe.Looking forward to good results in September, the October celebration banquet will have a rolling financial source, and a lot of bonuses will be won with soft hands.

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    Indisina Training - Efficient Collaboration

    We have started internal training with the theme of efficient collaboration, making communication between departments and colleagues more efficient. Every colleague plays an important role, and the main characteristic of collaborative promotion is that in the process of determining the team's action sequence and actual action time, communication and communication between teams are effectively promoted, thereby achieving an effective information transmission and monitoring during the action process. Each department establishes relevant departments, so as to have a certain communication channel, thereby realizing the importance of the enterprise to the engineering department, In the process of exploring scientific and reasonable team collaboration rules, unity has been achieved among various teams, avoiding the occurrence of free riding.Training focus: The Communication Window, also known as Johari Window, is an analysis template that divides things in a person's work and life into four parts, representing four different types, which together form a "window".The four quadrants in the communication window represent four different situations we encounter, each with its own characteristics.Public Quadrant: As the name suggests, public quadrants are content that oneself knows and others also know.Privacy Quadrant: The privacy quadrant is the part that one knows and others do not, and everyone has privacy.Blind Spot Quadrant: The blind spot quadrant is the dark zone in our self-awareness, referring to the parts that others know but we do not know ourselves. We do not know the true face of Mount Lu, but only because we are in this mountain.Potential Quadrant: The potential quadrant is the part that we do not know ourselves and others do not know, representing our potential.The four quadrants in the communication window can be transformed into each other, transforming the privacy quadrant into the public quadrant. The method we use is' self disclosure '. The specific operation method is to actively reveal one's own story and thoughts to others, let them know more about oneself, and transform the blind spot quadrant into an open quadrant. The method used is to "plead for feedback" and ask others to point out one's blind spot. In any case, the purpose of quadrant transformation is to expand our open quadrant as much as possible and better exert one's influence.Summarize: The open quadrant=respect and trust=communication efficiency. Choose appropriate time, methods, and means to quickly, accurately, and timely convey information, resulting in a sense of effectiveness and rhythm. Effectiveness refers to the effectiveness and degree of communication's impact on information recipients.

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    2022 Indasina Hundred Regiments Launch Conference

    The company's internal PK competition has lasted for 3 years. The kick-off meeting has begun. With the increase of personnel, last year we only had department and department PK, and individual PK. This year, we have to increase group and group PK. The department will be divided into 2 groups to PK with other departments. Interesting activities also increase the difficulty. The loser's bet amount is increased. It is not as simple as having a meal. This amount can be eaten for half a month, exciting! ! !The whole activity is not only challenged by business colleagues, but also the finance department, personnel department, and operation department. Choose the team you like to join the weal and woe, share the fines and share the bonus, I hope the team I choose can win, hahaha! This time, the R&D Department and the Purchasing Department also entered the performance appraisal competition together, which made the colleagues in these two departments feel nervous and excited for the first time.This year's theme Hundred Regiments Battle Kickoff Meeting was held outdoors. Since many new-faced employees were added, we had to get to know our opponents before each other. So in the morning team building activities, we played various interesting activities together regardless of each other. In the afternoon When discussing and choosing the opponents and team department opponents that they want to challenge, it is really a day of falling in love and killing each other.

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    Indasina - Phison Authorized Distributor Announcement

    Authorized Distributor AnnouncementJune.6th, 2022To Whom It May Concern :Herewith, we, INDASINA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD AgentNon-exclusive distribution rights to Phison Electronics Corporation ("PhisorT)6, 2022 to May. 6, 2023.Phison was established in Hsinchu, Taiwan in November 2000. Starting from providing the world's first single-chip USB flash drive control chip, Phison has now become a leader in the field of control chips for USB flash drives, SD memory cards, eMMC, UFS, PATA, SATA and PCIe solid state disks. Flash memory is rapidly entering the consumer market, industrial control market and enterprise applications. Phison continues to innovate new technologies in embedded storage devices (Embedded), solid-state storage devices (SSD) and security products.。Main Products:SSD,eMMC,UFS,USB,Memory CardMain ModelSATA SSD series:PS3111-S11T,PS3117-S17,PS3111-S11T,PCIe SSD series:PS5013-E13T,PS5015-E15T,PS5019-E19T,PS5016-E16,PS5018-E18Portable SSD series:PS2251-17 (U32-C),PS2251-18 (U32-C Pro)USB 3.0 series:PS2251-19USB 3.0 (SIP) series:PS2251-19SD Card series:AM2691ENLT,AM2703ENLT,PS8131,PS8132Application areas: personal computers, notebook computers, mobile devices, mobile devices, gaming e-sports, automotive industry, factory automation, video surveillance, self-service terminals / cash registers / gaming / commercial displays, medical, transportation, aviation and military Defense, Data Center/Servers.THANKS FOR READING

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    Welcome to the era of PCIe 5.0 SSD: PHISON Electronics will join forces with AMD and Micron to create a new storage ecosystem

    PHISON Electronics announced at Computex 2022 that it will work with its partners AMD and Micron to build a PCIe 5.0 ecosystem, and the three parties will jointly announce the advent of the PCIe 5.0 SSD era.PHISON Electronics said that with the popularity of 5G networks, the demand for high-speed transmission has been driven, including storage applications for PCs, notebook computers, game consoles, cloud servers, and smartphones. If you want to further improve the speed of data transmission, Then a higher level is needed, which is the PCIe 5.0 platform. Therefore, PHISON Electronics cooperates with AMD and Micron. In addition to building the PCIe 5.0 ecosystem, they will also launch corresponding products, including AMD's AM5 platform, Micron's DDR5 and Replacement-Gate 3D NAND, and PHISON Electronics' new generation PCIe 5.0 The main control chip PS5026-E26 supports the high-speed transmission and high-speed storage requirements derived from 5G networks.According to Jonathan Weech, product director of Micron, Micron, together with PHISON Electronics and AMD, can provide consumers with the most powerful storage products and high-performance computing experience in the industry, while accelerating the upgrade of PCIe 5.0 SSDs. Leah Schoeb, senior manager of storage and memory at AMD, believes that the three-way cooperation means that AMD will be committed to taking advantage of the storage bandwidth improvements brought by the new socket technology, which can enhance and improve the experience of future games and creators.In addition to the PCIe 5.0 main control chip PS5026-E26 for enterprise-class and high-end desktop gaming SSDs, PHISON Electronics plans to fully exhibit its storage solutions during Computex 2022, including the world's first PCI-SIG just released Certified PCIe 5.0 Redriver IC PS7101, multiple PCIe 4.0 master chips (E18DC/E21T/E27T), mobile storage solution UFS 3.1 PS8318, and on-board storage solutions, etc.

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Indasina, a group corporation composed of factories, is committed to a variety of electronic products and the overall customized solutions.

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