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For some brands, we are agents who can help customers connect with the original factory and communicate technical issues.

Starting from a whole package, some models are in stock and can be provided in small quantities.

Rich upstream resources, stocking up on behalf of customers, ensuring timely and stable supply.

Original genuine products support third-party inspection and testing.

With 15 years of experience and a mature spot supplier system, controlling costs for customers is essential to continuously build trust and become a conscientious enterprise.

PROCUREMENT of Electronic Components

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One-stop electronic components agent, distribution and turn-key solution design service provider. Connect the World by Integrated Circuites.

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Semiconductor Component Agent

We have represented the following brands
Storage series: PHISON, Boyamicro, Rayson, Xtxtech, YXSC
Power Management IC Series: GMT, Zealcore, Sinopower, RYCHIP, Microne, BROADCHIP
Microcontroller series: Hsxp-hk
Communication module series: MeiG, SIMCOM, AMOI
WiFi6 series: ESWIN
Video decoding: SOI
Security controller: Ingenic
Sensor series: MEMSFRONTIER
Ethernet series: JLSemii
Projection chip, screen projection chip: HI CHIP
Wireless RF: ONEWAVE, Onmicro
Radar Memory: Micradar
Motor drive: Advancip

Obtaining distribution includes:
Winbond, GD, MXIC, Hynix, SAMSUNG, NANYA, ST, NXP, Infineon, MICROCHIP, TI, ISSI, ON, Melexis and other brands.

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