Hi Chip

Hi Chip products are composed of multiple series, among which the A series products are mainly used in the fields of multi screen interconnection and computer display separation. This series product line is also widely used in home multimedia players, karaoke and other products; The B-series products are mainly used in commercial display products with screens, including portable players, in car multimedia central control, electronic greeting cards, digital photo frames, advertising machines, electronic water signs, HMI human-machine interaction, and other fields; The C series can be applied to commercial display markets that require high screen resolution and can support 4K level decoding and display; The D series products support HDMI input and can drive mainstream screen interfaces such as RGB/LVDS/MIPI, which can be used in markets such as projectors, 3D printing, commercial televisions, and dedicated displays; The E series is a unique multi display interface product of Haiqi, which can support both HDMI high-definition interface input and output as well as mainstream screen output interfaces. Typical applications include karaoke jukeboxes, conference equipment, etc.

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