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  • Display principle of liquid crystal panel(LCD panel) 2021-01-18
    As we all know, a liquid crystal display(LCD), mostly by the drive board, power supply board, high pressure board and liquid crystal panel composition. The drive board is like a person's "brain", which controls the expression of language and behavior. Its function is to accept and process the external image signal, and output the drive signal, in order to control the normal operation...
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  • Semiconductor 2021 key words: price increase 2021-01-15
    In 2021, the global semiconductor market will undergo drastic changes. Not only will IC designs increase prices, but the prices of upstream suppliers such as wafer fabs and packaging and testing plants will also continue to rise significantly, driving the mid- and downstream suppliers of the semiconductor industry chain to follow up.Affected by factors such as the impact of the epidemic and the co...
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  • Ermuda C20 desktop USB video conference all in one machine is equipped with Beijing Ingenic T31A chip 2021-01-08
    As the agent of Ingenic, the all-in-one C20 desktop USB video conference machine is equipped with Beijing Ingenic t31a chip. As the latest generation of intelligent video SOC chip of Beijing Ingenic, the T31 series adopts 22 nanometer technology, has a dominant frequency of up to 1.8g, supports up to 5 million 25 frames, and has two packaging methods of BGA and QFN. Among the series chips of T31, ...
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  • Domestic NOR FLASH W25Q32JVSSIQ can replace Zhaoyi GD25Q32CSJGR used in smart door locks 2020-12-25
    The rise of smart door locks is the inevitable result of innovation in the door lock industry. With the development of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, the world of intelligent networking is bound to come. Compared with mechanical locks, smart door locks are more in line with the needs of the future intelligent networking society. With the imminent breakthrough of 5G and the app...
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  • SLC NAND is popular with Winbond ESMT 2020-12-18
    SLC NAND Flash products support a wide temperature range of -25℃~85℃, which is ideal for new generation automotive, industrial and Internet of Things applications. SLC NAND products provide an ideal solution for applications that work in harsh environments, large temperature differences, and require long-term stable and reliable operation. Serial SPI NAND provides a perfect code and data storage s...
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  • The principle of LCD panel display 2020-12-16
    A liquid crystal display(tv panel/ open cell), mostly by the drive board, power board, high pressure board and liquid crystal panel composition. The drive board is like a person's "brain", which governs the expression of language and behavior. Its function is to control the normal operation of the LCD panel by receiving and processing the external image signal and output the drive si...
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  • The basic composition of LCD/LED TV 2020-12-14
    The composition of LCD/LED TV is generally LCD screen, chassis, motherboard, power board, remote receiving board, keypad, horn, 120Hz transfer board, backlight board (high pressure board) remote control, all connection lines.LED TV CKD KITS:1. Motherboard components The main board component is the core part of signal processing in LCD TV, which is responsible for converting the external input...
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  • Suddenly: Taiwan earthquake! Several fabs are shut down! 2020-12-11
    A felt earthquake occurred in Taiwan on the evening of December 10. The fab 12, Fab 8, Fab 5 and Longtan packaging plant AP03 in Hsinchu at TSMC's potential were evacuated due to the earthquake intensity level 4 and the clean room was evacuated urgently. The Yuan Fab and Tainan Fab maintained normal operations.TSMC came forward to refute the rumors, and the relevant person in charge of TSMC sa...
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  • Taiwan's five major MCU manufacturers increase prices, and lead time is extended by 4 months 2020-12-04
    Following the notice of price increase by Japanese semiconductor manufacturer Renesas Electronics, Taiwan’s five major MCU manufacturers respectively Holtek (Hetai), Lingtong, Songhan, Hongkang, and Nuvoton have recently increased their quotations simultaneously. Some items have been adjusted by more than 10%. The lead time has been stretched to four months. It is another key semiconductor compone...
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