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Rayson always focuses on memory chip products and is committed to providing customers with cost-effective storage chips and storage solutions

Rayson’s main products

Protocol: eMMC 5.0/eMMC 5.1
Capacity: 8GB/16GB/32GB
Temperature: -25~85 ℃
● Supports eMMC 5.0&eMMC 5.1 interfaces
● Quickly handle technical compatibility issues with the main control and Nand
Related applications: tablets, smart TVs, mobile phones, educational electronics, smart wearables, car mounted

Packaging: FBGA 96b
Capacity: 128 * 16/256 * 16/512 * 16
Temperature: 0-85 ℃
Speed: 1866Mbps
Working voltage: 1.5V/1.35V
Compatible platforms: MTK, Spreadtrum, Rockchip, Amlogic
● Higher external data transfer rate
● More advanced topology architecture for address/command and control buses
● Further reduce energy consumption while ensuring performance
Related applications: tablet, car, box

Packaging: FBGA 96b
Capacity: 2Gbit~8Gbit
Temperature: 0-85 ℃
Speed: 2400Mbps/2667Mbps
Working voltage: 1.2 V
Compatible platforms: MTK, Spreadtrum, Rockchip, Amlogic
● Speed up to 2667Mbps
● Lower power consumption and higher energy efficiency
● Long term stable supply guarantee
Related applications: tablet, educational electronics, car, box

Packaging: FBGA 200b
Capacity: 4Gbit~64Gbit
Temperature: -25~85 ℃
Speed: 2667Mbps/3200Mbps/3733Mbps
Working voltage: VDD1/VDD2/VDDQ=1.8/1.1/1.1 V (LPDDR4)
VDD1/VDD2/VDDQ=1.8/1.1/0.6 V (LPDDR4X)
Compatible platforms: MTK, Spreadtrum
● Stable highest level original factory resources
● Advanced domestic packaging technology, smaller size, larger capacity, and more stable reliability
● Strict testing conditions
● Software/hardware customization can be carried out according to the specific needs of customers
Related applications: tablets, smart TVs, mobile phones, educational electronics, smart wearables, car, box

Packaging: FBGA 315b
Capacity: 24Gbit~64Gbit
Temperature: -25~85 ℃
Speed: 6400Mbps
Working voltage: VDD1/VDD2/VDDQ=1.8/1.05/0.5V
Compatible platforms: MTK, Rockchip, Intel, AMD
● Mature testing plan
● Highly compatible with various platforms
● Reliable stability

512MB LPDDR4RS128M32LZ4D1ANP-75BT2667MbpsFBGA 200-ball-25 ~ 85℃1440
1GB LPDDR4/4XRS256M32LZ4D2BNP-62BT3200MbpsFBGA 200-ball-25 ~ 85℃1440
RS256M32LO4D1BDS-62BT3200MbpsFBGA 200-ball-25 ~ 85℃1440
2GB LPDDR4/4XRS512M32LX4D2BNR-53BT3733MbpsFBGA 200-BALL-25 ~ 85℃1440
3GB LPDDR4/4XRS768M32LX4DBNR-53BT3733MbpsFBGA 200-ball-25 ~ 85℃1360
RS768M32LP4D2BDS-53BT3733MbpsFBGA 200-ball-25 ~ 85℃1440
4GB LPDDR4/4XRS1G32LO4D2BDS-53BT3733MbpsFBGA 200-ball-25 ~ 85℃1440
RS1G32LX4D4BNR-53BT3733MbpsFBGA 200-ball-25 ~ 85℃1360
RS1G32LV4D2BDS-53BT3733MbpsFBGA 200-ball-25 ~ 85℃1440
6GB LPDDR4/4XRS1536M32LB4D4BDT-53BT3733MbpsFBGA 200-ball-25 ~ 85℃1440
8GB LPDDR4/4XRS2G32LV4D4BDT-53BT3733MbpsFBGA 200-ball-25 ~ 85℃1440
4GB LPDDR5XRS1G32LC5D4FDB-31BT6400MbpsFBGA 315 BALL-25 ~ 85℃1050
6GB LPDDR5XRS1536M32LG5D4FDB-31BT6400MbpsFBGA 315 BALL-25 ~ 85℃1050
8GB LPDDR5XRS2G32LO5D4FDB-31BT6400MbpsFBGA 315 BALL-25 ~ 85℃1050
(2Gb)128*16 DDR3RS128M16V8DB-107AT1866MbpsFBGA 96-ball0 ~ 95℃1600
(4Gb)256*16 DDR3RS256M16V0DB-107AT1866MbpsFBGA 96-ball0 ~ 95℃1600
RS256M16VNDG-107AT1866MbpsFBGA 96-ball0 ~ 95℃1600
RS256M16VMDC-107BT1866MbpsFBGA 96-ball0 ~ 95℃1600
(4Gb)256*16 DDR4RS256M16ZADD-75DT2667MbpsFBGA 96-ball0 ~ 95℃1900
1G*16 DDR4RS1G16Z4DD-62DT3200MbpsFBGA 96-ball0 ~ 95℃1900
2GB LPDDR4/4XRS512M32LO4D1BDS-46IT4266MbpsFBGA 200-ball-40 ~ 95℃工规
4GB LPDDR4/4XRS1G32LO4D2BDS-46IT4266MbpsFBGA 200-ball-40 ~ 95℃工规
8GB LPDDR4/4XRS2G32LV4D4BDT-46IT4266MbpsFBGA 200-ball-40 ~ 95℃工规

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