— 15 years of high-quality service

Assist customers in providing selection guidance, recommending small batch purchases of alternative materials, burning programs, third-party testing and other accessory services, and create high-quality supply chain upstream and downstream channels.

Taking into account all aspects

Stable supply and cost control

Meet personalized needs

Technical support to solve IC challenges

INDASINA Service Items

We always adhere to high standards, provide excellent after-sales service through strict quality inspection, quality control, quality assurance, and standardized warehousing/packaging/transportation standards, thereby helping customers shorten the research and development cycle of new products, accelerate the delivery of finished products, improve inventory turnover, and effectively reduce default risks and unexpected costs.


Quality Inspection

Initial inspection of warehouse management, Outer packaging inspection, HS CODE inspection, IQC engineer re inspection, Quality testing.


Warehousing And Packaging

Temperature and humidity control, Anti static control, System data management, Unpacking material handling.


Transportation Standards

Ensure product safety and timely delivery to customers, Reliable logistics, Real time tracking of goods, Ensure timely delivery, Logistics service quality.


Quality Control

Detailed records, Filing and filing, Photo archiving, Archive the quality testing analysis report.

Quality Inspection

Quality Assurance

Supporting upstream and downstream resources, Quality process evaluation, Continuously evaluate and audit.


After-sale Service

Quick response, Customer complaint handling, A rigorous traceability system, ERP management system control.

INDASINA Service Process      

Provide professional and efficient services to customersProvide professional and efficient services to customersProvide professional and efficient services to customers

Understand requirements

Detailed information communication, model, quantity, batch, packaging, price, specification sheet, etc

Project situation analysis

Do you need technical support, initial selection guidance, and sample testing

Signing contracts

Refined cost management, reasonable control of time and procurement costs, shortening procurement cycles according to customer needs

Packaging and transportation

Reduce damage to products during transportation and circulation, ensure product safety, facilitate storage, transportation, loading and unloading, and accelerate handover inspection

After-sale service

Authorized and legitimate channels for direct procurement from the original factory, traceability of original factory quality, support for third-party testing, implementation of complaint management mechanism and regular tracking and follow-up services

Semiconductor Component Agent

We have represented the following brands
Storage series: PHISON, Boyamicro, Rayson, Xtxtech, YXSC
Power Management IC Series: GMT, Zealcore, Sinopower, RYCHIP, Microne, BROADCHIP
Microcontroller series: Hsxp-hk
Communication module series: MeiG, SIMCOM, AMOI
WiFi6 series: ESWIN
Video decoding: SOI
Security controller: Ingenic
Sensor series: MEMSFRONTIER
Ethernet series: JLSemii
Projection chip, screen projection chip: HI CHIP
Wireless RF: ONEWAVE, Onmicro
Radar Memory: Micradar
Motor drive: Advancip

Obtaining distribution includes:
Winbond, GD, MXIC, Hynix, SAMSUNG, NANYA, ST, NXP, Infineon, MICROCHIP, TI, ISSI, ON, Melexis and other brands.

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