PHISON Industrial Grade SSD Operating temperature -40~85C Selection Guide

GenerationSATA IIISATA IIIPCle Gen.3×2PCle Gen.4×4PCle Gen.3×4PCle Gen.4×4PCle Gen.4×4
Form-Factor2.5 inch
M.2 2242
M.2 2280
1620 uSSD1113 BGA SSD1620 uSSDM.2 2242
M.2 2280
M.2 22110
M.2 2280M.2 2280
TLC NAND & Layers64LB16C
112L BiCS5
112L BiCS5112L BiCS5112L BiCS564LB16C
112L BiCS5
112L BiCS5176L B47
112L BiCS5
Capacity32GB to 7,680GB64GB to 512GB64GB to 512GB256GB to 1024GB128GB to 7.680GB256GB to 2048GB480GB to 3840GB
Performance Seq.R/W
(up to)

Agent of Phison controller, SATA SSD and Pcle SSD with ODM and OEM service.

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