2023 INDASINA Annual Conference Theme: “Always Young, Passionate Pursuing Dreams”

The annual meeting is a grand event held once a year to celebrate the achievements of the past year and look forward to future development. This year’s theme, “Forever Young, Passionate Pursuit of Dreams,” is filled with childlike fun and joy, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for colleagues. From the beginning, everyone participated in a points game, allowing each person to enjoy prizes and fun. This interaction not only brings people closer together but also brings back memories of childhood.

In the opening speech, Director Liu unexpectedly gave a speech that added some unexpected humor to the entire event. In the end, he shared his shortcomings and improvement plans, including efforts in market orientation, product development, quality management, and cost control. He also emphasized the importance of internal management and team building to improve work efficiency and quality, ensuring the company’s sustainable development.

In General Manager Mu’s speech, he expressed care and affirmation for the employees, stating that the steady progress of the company relies on the diligence and perseverance of each employee. This is also the result of teamwork, enabling the company to achieve significant accomplishments in various aspects.

Next came the performances from each department, where everyone showcased their talents, filled with fun and creativity. These wonderful performances not only demonstrated the team’s cohesion but also made everyone feel the importance of unity and cooperation.

Individual awards, team awards, and a lottery session brought more surprises and rewards, allowing everyone to welcome the new year with joy. Wishing everyone to maintain enthusiasm and courage while pursuing their dreams, continue moving forward, and have a bright future. Happy New Year to all, may you have happiness and fulfillment!

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