The substitute for GMT G5126 SOT-23-6 is GMT AT5160

GMT G5126 has been discontinued and replaced by the new version of GMT AT5160.

The GMT AT5160 boost converter drives a constant current to provide backlight, PDA, and other handheld devices for mobile phones. The It function allows white LEDs to be connected in series, ensuring the same current and uniform brightness of the LEDs. Enable repeatable pulse input to adjust LED brightness quickly. 1.0MHz current mode PWM control allows for smaller capacitors and inductors. Fault condition protection uses cycle by cycle current limitation to detect maximum inductance current, thermal protection, and overvoltage protection. This also includes soft start to eliminate inrush currents during startup. The low reference voltage of 0.2V minimizes the entire current setting resistor.


Working voltage: 2.5V to 5.5V.

High operating frequency: 1MHz

High output voltage: up to 40V (typical value)

Digital dimming control.

Built in cycle by cycle current limiting.

Built in soft start function.

0.2V low reference voltage

Thermal overload protection

TSOT-23-6 Pack


GPS navigation system

Compact backlight module

Constant current source

LED module

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