Winbond W25Q128JVEIQ new version replaces W25Q128BVEIM old version

Recently, I left a message in the backend saying that W25Q128BVEIM is in stock. However, the editor thinks that this material is very old or outdated. After communicating with business colleagues, it was confirmed that W25Q128BVEIM is an old version, and the new version of Winbond W25Q128JVEIQ can be replaced.

Manufacturer: Winbond

Product type: NOR Flash

Installation style: SMD/SMT

Package/Box: WSON-8

Series: W25Q128JV

Storage capacity: 128 Mbit

Power supply voltage – minimum: 2.7 V

Power supply voltage – maximum: 3.6 V

Interface type: SPI

Maximum clock frequency: 133 MHz

Organization: 16 M x 8

Data bus width: 8 bits

Timing type: Synchronous

Minimum operating temperature: -40 ° C

Maximum working temperature:+85 ° C

Humidity sensitivity: Yes

Packaging quantity: 4000

Subcategory: Memory&Data Storage

Winbond stock, welcome to inquire. We can provide the W25Q128 specification sheet and samples for testing

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