INDASINA internal training on “Judging Situation and Adopting Business Negotiation Strategies”

Our company conducted an extraordinary internal training with the theme of “Judging the Situation and Adopting Business Negotiation Strategies”. It was not only aimed at employees in sales and procurement positions, but also warmly welcomed all colleagues who are passionate about learning to participate. As those who love learning, we have arranged our current work and made time to attend classes.

We have moved into a new office with a spacious and bright display area, and this training is based on this platform, using projectors as a medium, allowing knowledge and wisdom to take root and sprout in our new office.

The most impressive thing in the classroom is the Franklin analysis method. The Franklin transaction method, also known as the rational analysis transaction method, was invented by the famous American politician Franklin. It is to encourage potential customers to consider the pros and cons of things, highlighting that acceptance is the right way to choose.

Favorable benefits: written on the left, with the help of sales personnel, unfavorable losses: written on the right, with the customer writing the unfavorable points first.

This rational analysis of transactions may seem complicated, but it is actually an effective way to impress customers, especially for those who are hesitant and don’t know what to do. This method is even more necessary to help them make decisions.

This method is suitable for decisive and analytical customers, as it aligns with their emphasis on rationality and is also suitable for customers who have had multiple contacts and established some interpersonal relationships with each other, as it can make it easier for customers to strengthen their purchasing determination.

In summary, this training course is closely integrated with the actual work situation of our company, allowing us to fully apply the knowledge we have learned in real work. I am very pleased because our learning system is becoming increasingly diverse and specialized. In addition, the spaciousness and comfort of the new office also provide us with a better working environment. I firmly believe that with the improvement of our work level, there will be more interesting and meaningful activities waiting for us in the future.

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