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/Xiaobai Smart Video Doorbell Xiaohuangren Edition is equipped with Beijing Junzheng's T21Z chip

Xiaobai Smart Video Doorbell Xiaohuangren Edition is equipped with Beijing Junzheng's T21Z chip

December 09, 2020

Recently, the Xiaobai smart video doorbell Xiaohuangren version developed by Chuangmi Technology is also equipped with Beijing Ingenic's T21Z chip. Ingenic T21Z chip has ultra-high efficiency, supports Smart H.264 encoding engine, and full real-time performance; Support low-power quick start, front-end false alarm filtering algorithm; support 2 million high-definition resolution, adopt a new generation of ISP noise reduction technology. The chip power consumption of a typical 2 million encoding scene is less than 300mW, which is very suitable for making cost-effective low-power camera solutions to help companies better improve product performance.


This product has a very high appearance no matter it is viewed from the outside, and the function is also very powerful. Next, introduce its function. The Xiaobai smart video doorbell Xiaohuangren version has been connected to Mijia and can be operated through the Mijia APP. The entire operation interface is also very simple, mainly divided into two parts, housekeeping assistant and real-time video.

Among them, the housekeeping assistant section provides video doorbell monitoring dynamics, such as stay monitoring, bell call, forced demolition alarm, etc., click on events at different time periods to look back at the screen; the real-time video section can broadcast the monitoring screen in real time, and supports screenshots, Screen recording, alarm, call and other functions, you can choose four voices: original voice, clown, youth, and uncle. When someone presses the doorbell button, it will push notifications to the mobile phone, through which the real-time video conversation interface can be entered. If it’s a familiar person, click directly to talk to it; if not, you can choose the voice-changing function for video calls to talk to people outside the door, which will increase the sense of security. This is all thanks to the 1920*1080P high-definition camera. The entire recording screen of the Xiaobai Smart Video Doorbell Little Yellow Man Edition is very clear, and the 120° wide angle can basically cover most of the front door. And the built-in 6 infrared night vision lights, plus the front PIR sensor, can automatically identify the light environment in front of the door, and automatically switch to night vision mode when the light is dark. Whether it is day or night, it captures the picture very clearly.

This is undoubtedly a good helper for us in life. Why don't you choose such a cost-effective smart doorbell?

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