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/Worthy of long-term cooperation partner, thanks to the smart trust and support of MKTECH

Worthy of long-term cooperation partner, thanks to the smart trust and support of MKTECH

January 02, 2018

As a company in the field of smart life, MKTECH has established a chip supply chain system with Indasina Electronics over the years to improve BOM cost control and optimization. Thanks to mike intelligence, we are worthy of long-term cooperation. Meanwhile, we also hope that mike intelligence will strive for excellence and become more professional, leading us to the forefront of smart city.

MKTECH smart is wisdom city and the wisdom of life advocates and practitioners, one of the digital home intelligent terminal exporters, and comfortably in the export of Chinese digital home intelligent terminal for three consecutive years as the top three, adhering to the professional, diversified strategy development, the company in the digital video, wisdom and intelligent manufacturing practice the 3 + 1 industry layout. In recent years, while maintaining the digital video field, on the basis of advanced technology, is committed to creating high-end, convenient, safe, comfortable, on the basis of large data set the wisdom of the family, intelligent community, intelligent fire, Ming kitchen bright kitchen, wisdom, health, wisdom, light, wisdom campus, such as system platform and solutions, improve the wisdom of ecological industrial chain, promote the development of Chinese wisdom city towards a higher level.

Chip solutions, applications: set-top boxes, cameras, communications products, smart systems.

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