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Winbond W25Q40CLSNIG perfect replacement for Zhaoyi GD25Q40CTIG

January 20, 2021

Introduce a comparison between a WINBOND serial Flash W25Q40CLSNIG and GD25Q40CTIG.

 The parameter comparison between Zhaoyi GD25Q40CTIG and Winbond W25Q40CLSNIG is shown in the following table:


Table 1 Comparison of parameters of GD25Q40CTIG and W25Q40CLSNIG 

From the above table, we can see that the parameters of GD25Q40CTIG and W25Q40CLSNIG are basically the same in terms of memory, operating voltage, operating temperature, and packaging. In theory, the two can replace each other. GD25Q40CTIG and W25Q40CLSNIG package comparison:


Figure 1 GD25Q40CTIG and W25Q40CLSNIG packages

The pin definition comparison of GD25Q40CTIG and W25Q40CLSNIG is as follows:


Figure 2 GD25Q40CTIG pin definition

20210119_102509 (1).jpg

Figure 3 W25Q40CLSNIG pin definition

 As mentioned above, it can be seen that GD25Q40CTIG and W25Q40CLSNIG have the same package and pin definition. In summary, WINBOND's serial Flash W25Q40CLSNIG can replace Zhaoyi's serial Flash GD25Q40CTIG.

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