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Winbond launches WLCSP packaging to lead the era of wearable devices

July 08, 2020

HyperRAMTM devices use wafer-level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) to make the size specifications smaller and simpler.

Winbond Electronics, a global leader in semiconductor memory solutions, announced that following the release of HyperRAM™ products in 2019, it will further introduce HyperRAM™ products using WLCSP to achieve unprecedented thin size specifications in embedded applications.

HyperBus™ technology was published earlier in 2014. Compared to the transmission control interface of other memory ICs, one of the characteristics of the HyperBus™ interface is the low pin count, which makes the circuit board layout simpler and the wiring area smaller. Several IC design service companies have introduced HyperBus™ related IP, which makes it easier for main chip manufacturers to design memory controllers. There are indeed more and more main chip manufacturers supporting this interface in their products. In response to this trend, Winbond Electronics has successively launched related HyperRAM™ series products to make this product line more complete.

Comparing to the existing 3.0V HyperRAM™ products operating at 100MHz/200Mbps and 1.8V HyperRAM™ products operating at 166MHz/333Mbps, Winbond HyperRAM™ 2.0 products can operate at a voltage of 3.0V or 1.8V. A higher operating frequency of 200MHz is equivalent to a data transmission rate of 400Mbps.

In terms of memory capacity, Winbond provides four complete product lines of 32Mb, 64Mb, 128Mb and 256Mb for different customers and applications. Among them, Winbond also provides a variety of options in terms of package type, including:

(1) 24-ball 8mm x 6mm TFBGA for automotive and industrial applications

(2) 49-ball 4mm x 4mm WFBGA suitable for consumer product applications

(3) 15-ball 1.48mm x 2mm wafer-level chip scale package (WLCSP) suitable for reduced size requirements such as IoT

(4) Good product bare wafer (KGD)

Among them, it is different from the traditional packaging method where the wafer is first divided into dies and then wired to connect the pins. WLCSP refers to the technology of directly testing and packaging after the wafer is produced, and then cutting into a single integrated circuit chip The main advantages are that the inductance between the die and the circuit board can be reduced, excellent thermal conductivity, small package volume and area, and light weight. These characteristics make WLCSP the package type of components used in mobile phones, smart watches and other wearable electronic device products. Winbond HyperRAM™ series products with WLCSP will become a better memory matching option for these applications.

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