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Winbond Electronics launches Sequential Read for more flexibility

June 05, 2020

Sequential Read allows the latest QspiNAND Flash products to read at 52MB per second, and users are free to apply their preferred ECC encoding and data configuration.

Winbond Electronics, a global leader in semiconductor storage solutions, today announced the launch of a more flexible new high-speed read function in the QspiNAND Flash series of products – Sequential Read, and continues to adhere to its continuous pursuit of innovation in the field of flash memory. More and more car and IoT device manufacturers use SLC NAND Flash as their low-cost alternative solution to replace traditional NOR Flash at 512Mb or higher. Winbond has previously made breakthrough innovations in the High Performance Quad SPI-NAND Flash interface. Its Continuous Read has a transmission speed of up to 52MB per second at a frequency of 104MHhz, and has the same advantages as Quad SPI-NOR with a low pin count . Today, Winbond has made great achievements in High Performance NAND Flash, and launched the new Sequential Read function in its latest high-performance W25NxxxJW QspiNAND Flash. It not only maintains the 52MB/s data transfer speed of QspiNAND Flash at 104MHz, but also adds a lot of flexibility in use.

Among them, the most important new items include: the user's own ECC engine can be freely applied. In Continuous Read, Winbond W25N series only supports the built-in 1-bit ECC engine. In Sequential Read, users can choose to use 4, 8, or any bit of ECC error correction.Use a single read command to access the entire memory array, including the main area and the spare area . This is suitable for code shadowing applications, because low latency and fast startup time are particularly important for such applications.

There is greater flexibility to set data, error correction codes, and file system information configuration to match the user's application scenario.

Winbond Electronics' US branch's flash memory business group marketing department director said: "Winbond provides high-speed operation and Continuous Read function, making QspiNAND Flash an excellent option for code storage applications." "Now join Sequential Read, use Not only do they still enjoy the same high-speed reading of 52MB per second, but they can also implement their own ECC engine and data access configuration."

Winbond's 512Mb, 1Gb and 2Gb in 1.8V QspiNAND Flash; 2Gb and 4Gb of 3V QspiNAND Flash have introduced the latest Sequential Read function. Furthermore, all QspiNAND Flash is manufactured at the company's 12-inch fab in Taichung, Taiwan. To meet the needs of the automotive and IoT markets, Winbond has also continued to expand its production capacity. The new W25N QspiNAND Flash uses a compact 8-pin package; before Winbond developed an efficient QspiNAND Flash interface, SLC NAND Flash could not provide this space-saving type. With a frequency speed of 104MHz, it can achieve the performance of Quad I/O equivalent to 416MHz (104MHz x 4) when using fast read Quad I/O instructions.

The main features of Winbond W25N series NAND Flash are as follows:

Covers the operating temperature of different usage scenarios

– -40°C to +85°C operating range (technical grade)

– -40°C to +105°C operating range (industrial grade and vehicle grade)

Unique memory architecture

– Page read time when ECC is enabled: 60μs

– Page programming time: 250μs (standard value)

– Block erase time: 2ms (standard value)

– Effectiveness of rapid programming/erasing

– Support OTP memory area

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