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Winbond Electronics launches 256Mb double-speed data transfer memory (DDR) products

April 27, 2020

Today, the editor of Indasina introduces Winbond's newly launched 256Mb double-speed data transmission memory product, which will provide a function that is twice as fast as traditional DRAM. This is the new series of 256-megabit double-speed data released by Winbond. Transmission of dynamic random access memory (Double Date Rate SDRAM, DDR). Winbond's new memory chips W942504AH-7, W942508AH-7 and W942516AH-7 are all based on DDR architecture, which can greatly improve the computing performance of desktop computers and servers.

Winbond's new DDR chips can be widely used in modules, chipsets, desktop computers and server products to meet the ultra-high requirements of OEM manufacturers for their products. This series of products provides 16M x 4 Banks x 4 bit, 8M x 4 Banks x 8 Bit and 4M x 4 Banks x 16 Bit arrangement modes, each clock can transmit two data, can provide customers with double bandwidth and two Data transmission speed. The main features of this chip are low power consumption of only 2.5 volts and a clock frequency of up to 143 million hertz, and it is packaged with 66-pin TSOP technology.

In addition, according to industry analysts ’predictions, the clock speed of traditional microprocessors will soon be calculated in gigahertz (gigahertz). In many applications, we have seen this trend have been realized. However, so far, memory The speed of the memory bus does not allow these new processors to fully realize their benefits. Winbond's new 256Mb DDR SDRAM chip, with double-speed data transmission, greatly improves the performance of the memory bus and will become the best weapon for manufacturers to expand market opportunities.

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