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Winbond 1.2V Serial NOR flash memory

Winbond 1.2V Serial NOR flash, the first flash memory to support ultra-low voltage operation.
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W25QxxND 1.2v series products have comparable operational efficiency with existing 3V and 1.8v flash memory products, and can further save power consumption.For battery-powered devices with limited design space, such as mobile devices, the Internet of things and wearable devices, and for flash memory that requires energy saving and low power consumption, the W25QxxND 1.2v series offers 2mm x 3mm USON8, narrow 150mil SOP8, 6x5mm WSON 8-pin package and KGD (Known Good Die).The 1.2v series can be extended to 1.5v and can operate with a single dry battery, unlike the usual design of connecting two batteries in series to 3V to operate.

The first flash memory to support ultra-low voltage operation

1.2v is the next generation of standard voltage

Huabang's NOR Flash support for dual, quad SPI and quad Peripheral Interface (QPI) is unprecedented.

Product advantage:

Lower power consumption

Extend battery life/reduce operating power by 33%

The W25QxxND reduces operating and standby power consumption, allowing the device to extend battery life, giving the device the opportunity to reduce the number of batteries and its own weight. W25Q80ND is an 8Mb NOR Flash that supports 1.2v, with a 33% reduction in operational power compared to 1.8v NOR Flash.

Simplify system power design:

Cut off NOR Flash power when the system goes to sleep to reduce power consumption/simplify power design and reduce system cost

The W25QxxND series offers additional benefits due to its lower operating voltage. First, it reduces crosswind noise interference associated with the main chip signal. It also reduces additional lines designed to mask noise, allowing noise-sensitive components to perform optimally. Another advantage is that for some main chips, the design of different power supply can be reduced, and the system cost and power design can be optimized.

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