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/Warm congratulations on the success of INDASINA's participation in BAO BO fair

Warm congratulations on the success of INDASINA's participation in BAO BO fair

November 09, 2019

Congratulations on the success of INDASINA's participation in the first Shenzhen international exhibition center 2019 Baoan industrial development expo!

Our company had been invitated to participate in the exhibition, the main display products to the agent brand INGENIC chip mainly T02, T31, also showed a number of INGENIC chip as the finished product of intelligent monitoring, intelligent doorbell, intelligent education machine, our company to camera, security solutions one-stop service.

The exhibition products attracted many visitors to stop and observe, in the process of exchange, our company's products won the market's high recognition.

In the cooperation agreement or intention with many customers at the same time, also through this exhibition and peer friendly exchanges, make friends with many new peer partners, understand the new market of electronic components industry, expand the international vision, this will also bring new opportunities for the future development of IC chip intelligence.

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