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/TI VSOP8 INA2180A2IDGKR Operational Amplifier

TI VSOP8 INA2180A2IDGKR Operational Amplifier

INA180,INA2180,and INA4180(INAx180) current sense amplifiers are designed for  cost-optimized applications.

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INA180,INA2180,and INA4180(INAx180) current sense amplifiers are designed for  cost-optimized applications.These devices are part of afamilyof current-sense amplifiers(alsocalled current-shuntmonitors)that sense voltage drops across current-sense resistors at common-mode voltages from–0.2 V to +26V, independent of the supply voltage.The INAx180 integrate a matched resistor gain network in four,fixed-gain device options:20V/V,50 V/V,100 V/V,or 200 V/V.This matched gain resistor network minimizes gain errorand reduces the temperature drift.

All these devices operate from a single2.7-Vto 5.5-Vpower supply.The single-channel INA180 draws amaximum supply current of 260μA; whereas,thedual-channel INA2180 draws a maximum supply currentof 500 μA, and the quad channel draws amaximum supply current of 900 μA.. 

The INA180 is availablein a 5-pin,SOT-23package with two differentpin configurations.The INA2180 is availablein an 8-pin VSSOP package.The INA4180is availablein a 14-pin TSSOP package.All deviceoptions are specified over the extended operating temperature range of –40°C to +125°C.


•  Common

-Mode Range(VCM): –0.2 V to +26 V

•  High Band width:350 kHz (A1 Devices)

•  Off set Voltage:

–  ±150 μV (Max)at VCM= 0 V

–  ±500 μV (Max)at VCM= 12 V

•  OutputSlewRate:2 V/μs

•  Accuracy:

–  ±1% Gain Error(Max)

–  1-μV/°C Off set Drift (Max)

•  GainOptions:

–  20 V/V (A1 Devices)

–  50 V/V (A2 Devices)

–  100 V/V (A3 Devices)

–  200 V/V (A4 Devices)

•  Quiescent Current:260 μA Max (INA180) 


•  Motor Control

•  Battery Monitoring

•  Power Management

•  Lighting Control

•  Over current Detection

•  Solar Inverters

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