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/TI TLV320AIC3104IRHBR Low-Power Stereo Audio Codec

TI TLV320AIC3104IRHBR Low-Power Stereo Audio Codec

TLV320AIC3104 Low-Power Stereo Audio Codec for Portable Audio and Telephony

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1 Features

• Stereo Audio DAC

– 102-dBA Signal-to-Noise Ratio

– 16-, 20-, 24-, or 32-Bit Data

– Supports Sample Rates From 8 kHz to 96 kHz

– 3D, Bass, Treble, EQ, or De-Emphasis Effects

– Flexible Power Saving Modes and Performance are Available

• Stereo Audio ADC

– 92-dBA Signal-to-Noise Ratio

– Supports Sample Rates From 8 kHz to 96 kHz

– Digital Signal Processing and Noise Filtering Available During Record

• Six Audio Input Pins

– One Stereo Pair of Single-Ended Inputs

– One Stereo Pair of Fully Differential Inputs

• Six Audio Output Drivers

– Stereo Fully Differential or Single-Ended Headphone Drivers

– Fully Differential Stereo Line Outputs

• Low Power: 14-mW Stereo 48-kHz Playback With 3.3-V Analog Supply

• Ultra-Low-Power Mode With Passive Analog Bypass

• Programmable I/O Analog Gains

• Automatic Gain Control (AGC) for Record

• Programmable Microphone Bias Level

• Programmable PLL for Flexible Clock Generation

• I2C Control Bus

• Audio Serial Data Bus Supports I2S, Left- and Right-Justified, DSP, and TDM Modes

• Extensive Modular Power Control

• Power Supplies:

– Analog: 2.7 V to 3.6 V.

– Digital Core: 1.525 V to 1.95 V

– Digital I/O: 1.1 V to 3.6 V

• Package: 5-mm × 5-mm 32-Pin QFN

2 Applications

• Digital Cameras

• Smart Cellular Phones

• PDAs

• Portable Computing

• Communication

• Entertainment Applications

3 Description

The TLV320AIC3104 is a low-power stereo audio codec with stereo headphone amplifier, as well as multiple inputs and outputs that are programmable in single-ended or fully differential configurations. The

device includes extensive register-based power control is included, thus enabling stereo 48-kHz DAC playback as low as 14 mW from a 3.3-V analog supply, making the device ideal for portable batterypowered audio and telephony applications. The record path of the TLV320AIC3104 contains integrated microphone bias, digitally controlled stereo microphone preamplifier, and automatic gain control (AGC), with mix/mux capability among the multiple analog inputs. During record, programmable filters can remove audible noise that can occur during optical zooming in digital cameras. The playback path includes mix/mux capability from the stereo DAC and selected inputs, through programmable volume controls, to the various outputs.

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