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/TI SN65HVDA100-Q1 LIN Physical Interface

TI SN65HVDA100-Q1 LIN Physical Interface

SN65HVDA100-Q1 LIN Physical Interface

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1 Features

●Qualifed for Automotive Applications

●Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Physical Layer Specification Revision 2.1 Compliant and Conforms to SAEJ2602 Recommended Practice for LIN

●Extended Operation With Supply From 5 V to 27 V DC (LIN Specification 7 V to 18 V)

●LIN Transmit Speed up to 20-kbps LIN Specified Maximum, High-Speed Receive Capable

●Sleep Mode: Ultra-Low Current Consumption Allows Wake-Up Events From: LIN Bus, Wake-Up Input (External Switch) or Host MCU

●Wake-Up Request on RXD Pin .

●Wake-Up Source Recognition on TXD Pin

●Interfaces to MCU With 5-V or 3.3-V IO Pins

●High Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

●Control of Extermal Voltage Regulator (INH Pin)

●Supports IS09141 (K-Line) -Like Functions

●ESD Protection to +12 kV (Human Body Model) on LIN Pin

●LIN Pin Handles Voltage From- -27 V to 45 V (Short to Battery or Ground)

●Survives Transient Damage in Automotive Environment (ISO 7637)

●Underoltage Protection on Vsup

●TXD Dominant State Time-Out Protection

●Prevention of False Wakeups With Bus Stuck Dominant Fault

●Thermal Shutdown

●Unpowered Node or Ground Disconnection Failsafe at System Level, Node Does Not Disturb Bus (No Load on Bus)

2 Applications


●Industrial Sensing

●White Goods Distributed Control

3 Description

The SN65HVDA100 device is the Local Interconnect Network (LIN) physical interface, which integrates the serial transceiver with wakeup and protection features. The LIN bus is a single-wire bidirectional bus typically used for low-speed in-vehicle networks using data rates from 2.4 kbps to 20 kbps. The LIN protocol output data stream on TXD is converted by the SN65HVDA100 into the LIN bus signal through a current-limited wave shaping driver as outlined by the LIN Physical Layer Specification. The receiver converts the data stream from the LIN bus and outputs the data stream through RXD. The LIN bus has two states: dominant state (voltage near ground) and recessive state (voltage near battery). In the recessive state, the LIN bus is pulled high by the intermal pullup resistor (30 kQ) and series diode, so no external pullup components are required for slave applications. Master applications require an external pullup resistor (1 kQ) plus a series diode per the LIN specification.

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