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The main application of Nuvoton's NUC131U CAN microcontroller

July 29, 2020

The editor of Nuvoton's agent will explain to you the application of the car gauge controller NUC131U CAN. This series of controllers are mainly used for car radar.

Driven by the trend of autonomous vehicles and new energy vehicles, the entire automotive industry is facing explosive changes and shifts. The automotive industry will quickly shift to intelligent development. Combining various sensing technologies will also rapidly improve the automotive industry. The degree of electronization. Among the major automotive systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is a technological advancement process to achieve the realm of unmanned intelligent vehicles in the future. The main function of ADAS is not to actively control the car, but to help the driver analyze vehicle conditions and environmental changes and other related information, and warn the driver of possible dangerous situations, so that the driver can take early measures to avoid traffic accidents.

Among them, automotive radar is the most important node. Nuvoton has released the first car gauge controller NuMicro NUC131U for automotive radar. NUC131xU is a 32-bit Cortex-M0 microcontroller developed by Nuvoton specifically to meet automotive applications. The operating frequency is up to 50MHz. It provides CAN 2.0B communication architecture with high performance, high reliability, and high anti-interference ability. The designer finds a more cost-effective solution for its application; it is suitable for vehicle radar, OBD, HUD and other devices.

The following are the program features:

NuMicro NUC131 car radar main control terminal

Core: 50MHz

Flash: 68KB

ADC: detect radar wave

CAN/LIN: 1 set


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