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Run, comprehensive AI, Indasina together with you

November 25, 2019

Recently, our company is honored to be invited to participate in the 17th China international public security expo (CPSE) in 2019 as INGENIC chip's agent. The venue is Shenzhen convention and exhibition center. New products of Beijing INGENIC series were displayed during CPSE, including smart video processor chip T20 and the latest generation smart video SoC chip T31. This exhibition also adopts the most iconic products, such as 360 smart doorbell, xiaomi camera, thermal imaging and face recognition all-in-one machine, to show to customers at home and abroad.

To our delight, the President of Beijing INGENIC personally visited this exhibition and received customers together with our sales staff at home and abroad. However, our sales staff did not disappoint, and they also performed very well in this exhibition, which shows the strength of our company is very strong.

Finally, congratulations on the successful participation of INDASINA electronics in the 2019 China international public security expo (CPSE)! Beijing INGENIC will continue to adhere to the "innovative technology, independent research and development" technology strategy, we work together to provide more competitive intelligent video solutions for the industry.

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