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  • New Promotion Smart doorbell D1 with Ingenic T21Z Chip

    New Promotion Smart doorbell D1 with Ingenic T21Z Chip

    Jan 17, 2020

    New Promotion Smart doorbell D1 with Ingenic T21Z Chip This is a product made by Ingenic with its ultra-efficient T21Z chip. Ingenic T21Z chip supports Smart h. 264 coding engine with full real-time performance. Support low power consumption fast start, front end false alarm filtering algorithm; Support 2 million hd resolution, using a new generation of ISP noise reduction technology. The power consumption of a typical 2 million code scene chip is less than 300mW, which is very suitable for a cost-effective low-power camera solution. This smart doorbell D1 is easy to install: there's a industrial-grade 3M adhesive on the back of the doorbell host that can be attached directly to the door or wall. And since the doorbell itself is wireless, there is no need for extra cables. Use the indoor signal base station to connect to the WIFI network at home, and then associate it with the meso APP, you can use it. (as long as the distance between outdoor doorbell host and indoor signal base station is about 5 meters, there is basically no problem). And the monitoring function of the smart doorbell, is our most favorite function. Because when I'm not at home, day or night, you can tell me what's going on outside the door. In addition to a black doorbell button in the lower part of the bell, there is also a large black area above that hides a camera and an infrared supplementary light. When someone rings the doorbell, it can talk directly to the person outside via video. This makes it easier to get in touch with couriers or visitors when no one is home. Also, since the smart doorbell only fires when someone or an object passes by, there is no need to worry too much about the power of the doorbell. In the laboratory test environment, it can be triggered 15 times a day for 15 seconds, and can last for 8 months. The actual use time is related to the ambient temperature (laboratory test, -25℃ can also work normally) and the use frequency. In addition, he mui smart doorbell D1 with four anti - theft protection. For more smart home solutions, pls contact us at

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  • Ingenic AI technology is used to human body measure temperature

    Ingenic AI technology is used to human body measure temperature

    Feb 27, 2020

    To introduce a human body temperature measuring instrument using Ingenic AI technology, with most of the enterprises ushered in the rework tide, the new coronavirus in all parts of the country, enterprises actively prepare masks, thermometer and other epidemic materials, and the use of Ingenic AI technology human body temperature measuring instrument has once again aroused widespread concern. This human body thermometer integrates a number of core technologies such as thermal imaging, temperature measurement, intelligent face detection, etc. It has the outstanding "panda" appearance and good texture, and can realize visual temperature warning, providing the first guarantee for the safety of employees. In terms of appearance, junzheng AI technology human body thermometer adopts a simple but elegant "panda" appearance, equipped with dual cameras. In terms of functions, junzheng AI technology human body temperature measuring instrument USES thermal imaging to measure temperature of human body with high precision, accuracy ≤0.3℃, built-in automatic temperature measurement correction; Real-time temperature measurement, multi-target synchronous automatic measurement, response time within 30 milliseconds. In terms of epidemic prevention and control, this human body thermometer can realize non-inductive rapid temperature measurement within 10 meters, and supports intelligent overtemperature alarm, positioning, and sound-light alarm. The application scenario is suitable for airports, stations, wharves, schools, hospitals, scenic spots, enterprises and other crowded places, to help users quickly screen and track those with abnormal temperature. The instrument also uses Ingenic's AI technology, has a built-in Beijing Ingenic T02 chip, has an autonomous temperature conversion algorithm, and supports a variety of practical functions such as two-channel alarm input, output and real-time face tracking. For more details, please refer to

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  • Indasina electronics components application in automotive electronics

    Indasina electronics components application in automotive electronics

    Feb 26, 2020

    Driverless cars in the study, the feasibility and practical aspects are made breakthrough progress, at the same time, the government formulated strict laws and regulations in order to reduce road deaths, auxiliary solution development low cost driving, traffic always headed by security safeguard people's life, in order to achieve the purpose of the unmanned automatic driving vehicle, ADAS provide active vehicle cruise control (ACC) system, blind spot detection (BSD), night vision system (NV), driver drowsiness detection system (DDD) and so on. The whole vehicle is equipped with many cameras and monitors, while the electronic chip agent of yijie huabang provides high-quality memory connected to the console of the advanced driving assistance system, providing the driver with a safer journey. The car's central console facilitates display of in-car information and entertainment, including the car navigation system, video player, USB and bluetooth connection to the computer, vehicle network and WiFi. Infotainment systems also include steering wheel audio control and voice control to help reduce the safety issues associated with distracted driving. For applications with limited space, huabang chip has years of leading experience in the consumer market, and has a small packaging technology that can be used for higher density DRAM and higher capacity flash memory, bringing the advantages of memory into the automotive infotainment system market. A digital display in an automobile dashboard that displays speed, fuel gauge, temperature, and other indicators and head-up displays digitally or graphically. Digital dashboards ensure accurate, reliable and immediate notification of drivers at all times. These displays require real-time 2D/3D images, and huabang's flash and DRAM memory can achieve this high speed. Market focus to developing countries, or the technology center of gravity to tilt, electronic technology will inevitably affect the direction of the automotive electronics development, electronic technology plays a big role in automobile industry, to the promotion of new technologies, products and markets around the world through a global trend in the development of the comprehensive investigation and research, the future of the automobile electronic industry is green environmental protection, security, and connecting communication, let's wait and see.

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  • Artificial intelligence(AI)provide medical provision services

    Artificial intelligence(AI)provide medical provision services

    Feb 21, 2020

    As people discuss and study various applications of artificial intelligence in medical field, machines are already providing medical services for patients. Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. It has helped us to work, to produce more efficiently and safely, and to change the way we live. In the medical industry, artificial intelligence is also playing an increasingly important role. IDG has predicted that the total amount of medical data in the world will reach 40 trillion gigabytes by 2020, a 30-fold increase from 2010. Huge data, endless possibilities. But the truth is that despite the rapid growth in data generation and sharing, 80% of data is still unstructured data that cannot be directly accessed. From algorithms to engineering, from technical approval to medical approval, to market acceptance, AI medical products need to face and solve many problems. As with most AI productization paths, beyond the technology, the core is still the understanding of the scenario and the user. More experts say ai can and should be a valuable tool to enhance doctors' ability to do their jobs, rather than trying to replace them in medical practice. The medical community is making progress toward this goal. Among the most promising applications of ai are the replacement of face-to-face communication between doctors and patients, who, after all, cannot often communicate with patients face to face, in which case humans and machines must work together. Indasina, as an intelligent supplier of electronic components integrating agency and distribution rights, we insist on quality and service first, preferential prices to serve customers. We are the super agent of Winbond, Nuvoton, Nationalchip, ALI, Airoha, Beijing Ingenic, GalaxyCore, Zhuhai BOYA and other brands. Obtained the right of distribution: GD zhaoyi, MXIC wanghong, Hynix, SAMSUNG storage, NANYA South Asia, ETRON yuchuang, weimeng, xi 'an minxin, shangtu, UTC youshun, China micro ai core and other brands. Over the years, we have cooperated with more than 1,500 customers of consumer and industrial products such as security surveillance cameras, set-top boxes, projectors, smart homes, intelligent robots, routers and switches, household appliances, printers, POS machines, automotive electronics and medical devices.

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