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  • Ingenic T40, focusing on the new SVIoT track

    Ingenic T40, focusing on the new SVIoT track

    Aug 24, 2021

    "Ingenic is the first chip company to focus on the SVIoT track wholeheartedly, and provides full-stack core technologies such as chips, AI computing power, development platforms and solutions."Recently, Ingenic brought a chip called T40 to the market for the first time around the concept of SVIoT.SVIoT, stand out from AIoTSmart Vision for the Internet of Things (SVIoT), namely SVIoT, Smart Vision for the Internet of Things (SVIoT).As its name suggests, it is developed from the Internet of Things track.SVIoT has the same origin with traditional IoT/AIoT, and both belong to the category of IoT, and both belong to the category of smart hardware, and both involve chips, products, algorithms, solutions, and networking.However, SVIoT is also different from the latter.IoT is dominated by wireless interconnection (WIFI/BT/...) and MCU, with small devices as the core; AIoT is a grand concept, and it seems that both mobile phones and PCs can be AIoT.SVIoT focuses on vision and has clear positioning.From the perspective of information acquisition, vision is the most important means of perception. About 80% of human information comes from the eyes. Although SVIoT is a subdivision of AIoT, as the main entrance to the AI era, computer vision has extremely rich application scenarios in the AI field, and it is also a track with great commercial value.The visual industry is indeed the first to enter the explosive period. Smart home, digital city, smart doorbell, security monitoring, car regulation perception, industrial vision, video conferencing, 3D vision, visual medical, somatosensory entertainment, service robots, etc. Currently, the hottest typical markets all have SVIoT, and under focus, they stand out.SVIoT takes visual imaging, video processing, AI algorithm analysis, controllable cost, low power consumption, end-to-cloud interconnection and big data as its core technologies. It develops faster and has higher technical content than traditional IoT.SVIoT has higher requirements for chips. General MCU+WIFI cannot meet performance requirements, and the cost of mobile phone APs is too redundant. This track is suitable for companies that truly master the core IP and has extremely high requirements for strength and execution.Ingenic is just such a chip company focusing on the SVIoT track. They provide integrated solutions from chips, to AI computing power, to development platforms, to algorithm integration.Today, Ingenic's chips on the SVIoT track have been shipped on a large scale.T40, born for SVIoTRooted in the field of intelligent vision for many years, Ingenic has designed a chip T40 specifically for SVIoT."In the field of AI security, T40 is the best substitute for mid-to-high-end products."In battery cameras, Ingenic has already won more than 50% of the market. In Ingenic's view, this data is expected to increase with the support of this T40.T40 specifically defines specifications for SVIoT:1. XBurst2 dual-core CPU2. Starlight...

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  • Memory products Boya Technology BOYA agent

    Memory products Boya Technology BOYA agent

    Mar 03, 2021

    BOYA is an official authorized agent of BOYA. It is a full-line agent of BOYA's SPI Nor Flash and other memory products. The inventory is abundant and the quality is guaranteed.Main products and featuresSPI Nor Flash: The capacity ranges from 512Kb-256Mb, which can be pin-to-pin to replace the world's well-known brands like SPANSION, WINBOND, MXIC, etc., with fully compatible performance parameters and high cost performance.● The clock frequency can reach 55MHz (erase/program/normal read) and 108MHz/120MHz (high speed/dual channel/four channel read)● Flexible programming (256byte) and erasing (4K/32K/64K/full chip)● 0.7ms page programming time and 40ms sector erase time● Operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ +85℃ or 105℃Main applicationEmbedded systems, consumer electronics, digital products, computer-related, network communications, etc.Boya Technology (BOYA) is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to integrated circuit flash memory. Its SPI NOR FLASH has shipped more than 1 billion units since 2014. Boya Technology (BOYA) is an important member of the Integrated Circuit Industry Alliance. It is the high-end integrated circuit flash memory engineering technology research center of Guangdong Province. It has passed ISO9001 certification and has deep cooperation with Shanghai Huali, SMIC and other upstream and downstream companies and institutions in the industrial chain. .

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  • Nuvoton Cortex-M4 microcontroller applications

    Nuvoton Cortex-M4 microcontroller applications

    Feb 24, 2021

    Nuvoton NuMicro® M451 series microcontrollers, based on the Cortex-M4 core, have an instruction cycle of 72 MHz. It has a set of 12-bit ADC and supports up to 16 channels, and 16-bit PWM can provide 12 outputs, built-in DSP and FPU floating point arithmetic unit, can improve the calculation speed and accuracy of PM2.5. In addition, the M451 series has a wealth of peripheral interfaces, providing 3 sets of SPI interfaces to support external memory devices and TFT-LCD (for data display, and 5 sets of low-power UARTs for connecting various wireless modules, combining data Real-time transmission and collection.M451 series microcontrollers  support operating voltages from 2.5V to 5.5V and industrial-grade operating temperatures from -40°C to 105°C. In addition, the M452 USB series provides 1 set of USB 2.0 FS OTG/Device, and the M453 CAN series provides 1 One set of USB 2.0 FS OTG/Device and one set of CAN 2.0 allow PM2.5 sensors to be combined with more applications.The recent PM2.5 air pollution detector solution is the Nuvoton Cortex-M4 microcontroller. PM2.5 is a suspended particle containing solid and liquid in the air. The cause may be man-made pollution or natural factors. Being in an area where the PM2.5 concentration is too high will cause a lot of harm to people. Therefore, in recent years, the monitoring of air quality around the world has also included PM2.5 as an important indicator. With the development of technology, air quality testing products have evolved from desktop to portable, and even further integrated into wearable air quality detectors. Some of them also have networking capabilities to upload data to the cloud in real time. At present, most portable detectors use the light scattering element (meter-type scattering) to calculate the PM2.5 concentration. They include a light source control circuit and a fan control interface to adjust the air circulation into the measurement channel to improve accuracy. Therefore, As the main control MCU of PM2.5 sensing device, it must have accurate ADC sampling capability and stable PWM control.Application reference schematic diagram of PM2.5 sensor development using NuMicro M451 platform

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  • WINBOND's W25Q256FVEIG can perfectly replace Zhaoyi's innovative serial Flash GD25Q256DYIG

    WINBOND's W25Q256FVEIG can perfectly replace Zhaoyi's innovative serial Flash GD25Q256DYIG

    Feb 03, 2021

    This article introduces a WINBOND serial Flash W25Q256FVEIG, which can be replaced with GigaDevice’s serial Flash GD25Q256DYIG. The parameter comparison between GD25Q256DYIG and W25Q256FVEIG is shown in the following table:Table 1 Comparison of GD25Q256DYIG and W25Q256FVEIG parametersAs can be seen from the above table, GD25Q256DYIG and W25Q256FVEIG memory, frequency, power consumption, operating voltage, operating temperature and packaging parameters are basically the same. GD25Q256DYIG and W25Q256FVEIG package comparison:Figure 1 GD25Q256DYIG and W25Q256FVEIG packagesThe pin definition comparison of GD25Q256DYIG and W25Q256FVEIG is as follows:Figure 2 GD25Q256DYIG pin definitionFigure 3 W25Q256FVEIG pin definitionIt can be seen from the above that GD25Q256DYIG and W25Q256FVEIG have the same package and pin definition.  In summary, Zhaoyi's innovative serial Flash GD25Q256DYIG can replace WINBOND's serial Flash W25Q256FVEIG with PIN-TO-PIN.

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