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Phison's entry-level new master PS5008-E8T: comes with HMB black technology

October 09, 2022

The main control manufacturer Phison has brought a very cost-effective entry-level solution PS5008-E8T, especially equipped with the newly developed HMB memory buffer technology, which is expected to greatly promote the popularization of NVMe technology.

PS5008-E8T belongs to the same series as PS5008-E8, which has been mass-produced. It uses PCI-E 3.0 x2 channels. Compared with traditional SATA3, it still has 3 times the bandwidth advantage, and the read and write speed can exceed 1GB/s.

The difference is that the E8T cancels the external DRAM cache on the basis of the E8, which has lower power consumption and lower cost, and can be applied to desktops and notebooks.


No DRAM solution will lead to a slight decrease in performance, so E8T introduces Phison's latest black technology - HMB technology.

HMB, also known as Host Memory Buffer, can be turned on in the motherboard BIOS, borrowing the high-speed read and write characteristics of memory to provide higher performance for SSDs with small cache capacity or no cache, while also saving energy.


According to the official introduction, after the HMB technology is turned on, the continuous read and write and 4K random read and write capabilities of the SSD have been greatly improved. The final test results are basically the same as the performance of the SSD with its own cache. The continuous read and write can exceed 1.5GB/s. , 1GB/s, random read and write can reach about 240,000 IOPS.


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