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Phison Introduces First SD Express Card PS5017

September 30, 2022

The SD Express (SD 7.0) specification was actually announced as early as 2018. By importing the PCI-E 3.0 specification and the NVMe v1.3 protocol defined by PCI-SIG, the transfer speed can reach 985MB/s and the maximum capacity can reach 128TB. Phison officially announced the launch of the world's first SD Express Card.


This SD Express memory card comes in standard and microSDXC forms, integrates the PS5017 controller chip, is compatible with PCI-E NVMe technology, and is compatible with existing card slots. As for the theoretical sequential read and write speeds of up to 870MB/s and 740MB/s, three times that of the traditional UHS-II SD Card. SD Express will use 3D QLC, pass A1, V30, U3 speed certification, and the capacity will start from 256GB, and the maximum will be 512GB.

Phison pointed out that the development was not easy, mainly because the SD Card and microSD Card are very small in size, and the heat dissipation efficiency is poor during high-speed transmission, which is prone to overheating. Therefore, Phison's development this time has added a thermal protection mechanism.

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