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Nuvoton's latest man-machine interface solution inventory

November 25, 2020

Today, the editor of Nuvoton will take stock of the latest man-machine interface solutions for Nuvoton products.

Platform selection guide


Graphical user interface platform

 Free use of emWin software library to easily create graphical user interface (GUI)

Support various liquid crystal display modules (LCM)

Built-in high-capacity DDR (N9H series)

Applicable to all walks of life


N9H networked color thermostat

Program features

Easy to use on networking and graphical interface

 Support Linux operating system + emWin graphics library

 Provide 10/100 Ethernet

Provide high-speed USB port to connect to Wi-Fi

 Reference design software package

Internet real-time weather and PM2.5

Network World Clock (NTP Server)

emWin software keyboard

Remote Desktop (VNC)

 exquisite icons

N9H series is used for HMI with different resolutions

N9H20/26/30 series advantages

 Support emWin software library to accelerate design

 Provide reference design

Different LQFP packaging, different DRAM capacity options

 Maximum 1024x768 resolution

 Support non-OS/ FreeRTOS/ Linux

 Industrial operating temperature range


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