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Nuvoton N9H2 series applied to video surveillance in artificial intelligence topology

August 12, 2020

As an agent of Nuvoton, the editor will explain the application areas of the N9H2 series, which are mainly used for video surveillance in artificial intelligence topology.

NuMaker-emWin-N9H26 Development Board Features

32-bit ARM926EJ-S N9H26K51N microprocessor core

 Up to 264 MHz operating frequency

Built-in 32 MB DDRII memory

USB 2.0 high-speed device

USB 2.0 high-speed host

5” (800x480) 24-bit RGB LCD

H.264 Video decompression

UART * 1

With the increasing number of smart devices and the development of artificial intelligence, many smart algorithms can be realized through the computing power of the cloud server. If the computing power of the endpoint is sufficient, of course the AI computing can be performed on the endpoint. But at present, many application scenarios still only need to take one or two photos or short videos, and then upload the files to the background for recording and saving, or for simple digital or object recognition functions. At this time, Nuvoton N9H26 series provides camera input interface, through H.264 or JPEG compression technology, the captured videos or pictures can be compressed and uploaded to the cloud for big data interpretation. Through the big data collection of the cloud host, Judge and monitor the status of the on-site environment, after a long time of accumulation, statistical analysis of user information, and then generate important information.

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