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Nuvoton N76E003 high specification low pin 1T 8051 microcontroller

August 19, 2020

As an agent of Nuvoton, the editor introduces the new product of 8051 MCU product line—high-speed N76E003 series. This series has built-in 18 KB Flash memory and large-capacity 1 KB SRAM, which can support richer functional design and provide accurate internal reference voltage; it also uses 20-pin TSSOP20 (4.4mm x 6.5mm) and QFN20 (3mm x 3mm) ) The small package can help customers reduce the size of the circuit board, reduce the processing cost, and take into account the appearance and cost of the terminal product.

N76E003 can support a wide operating voltage range from 2.4V to 5.5V and a wide operating temperature from -40°C to 105°C that exceed industrial specifications. It also has 4KV EFT/7KV ESD high immunity, 6-channel PWM module, full temperature and full voltage error 2% 16 MHz RC high frequency oscillator and 10 kHz low frequency oscillator. The Reset Pin can be used as an input pin, including two UARTs, one I²C interface and an 8-channel high-speed 300 kHz 12-bit ADC converter, which can quickly complete the conversion of analog to digital signals. And with automatic wake-up function, rich peripherals make product design extremely flexible.

The above features make the N76E003 series particularly suitable for applications such as battery chargers, Sound Blaster audio controllers, LED lighting controllers, small appliance controllers, thermostats and smoke sensors.

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