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Nuvoton launches new series of high anti-interference NuMicro® M451

September 02, 2020

As an agent of Nuvoton, the editor introduces Nuvoton’s new series of high-anti-interference NuMicro® M451 products. The whole series is based on ARM® Cortex®-M4F. The specifications adopt the industry-leading wide voltage 2.5V~5.5V power supply and 5V I/O specifications, greatly enhance system reliability, provide industrial specifications operating temperature, the lowest is -40 ℃, the highest is 105 ℃, full temperature and full voltage high-precision internal RC oscillation 22.1184MHz +/- 2%, external 32.768KHz crystal oscillator It can be automatically calibrated to a full temperature error of less than +/- 0.25%, powerfully enhance the system's anti-interference ability and fully meet the requirements of communication accuracy specifications, especially suitable for industrial control, automation systems, security monitoring, automotive electronics, digital power supplies, etc. Performance precision applications. Specially designed Voltage Adjustment Interface (VAI), the system can independently adjust the I/O voltage level (1.8V~5.5V), no need to adjust the interface voltage difference for peripheral components and increase additional costs, and I/ O input design 5V tolerance capability, greatly improving the system integration and stability capabilities.

The entire NuMicro® M451 series adopts the ARM® Cortex®-M4F core with built-in Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Floating Point Unit (FPU). It has high computing performance and can run up to 72 MHz. , Built-in 256/128/72/40K Bytes program memory (Flash ROM), 32/16K Bytes data memory (SRAM), in line with International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60730 standard, memory parity check (Parity Check), hardware cyclic redundancy check (Cyclic Redundancy Check, CRC); the built-in online upgrade program (Boot ROM) can independently update the program area (AP Flash ROM), and an additional independent 4K Bytes online upgrade memory area (In- System Programming Flash ROM), users can develop more flexible and support multiple peripherals UART, SPI, I2C, CAN and USB online upgrade program code. In addition, it also supports external bus interface (External Bus Interface, EBI), which makes external memory more flexible; the full range of configuration excellent specifications: 4 sets of 32-bit timers (Timer), dual watchdogs, nested interrupt vector controller ( Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC), integrates a wealth of interface devices, such as Peripheral Direct Memory Access (PDMA), Real Time Clocks (RTC), 5 sets of communication interfaces (UART) support 16 layers of advanced First in First out (FIFO), 3 groups of four-wire serial bus interfaces (Serial Peripheral Interface, SPI) support quad mode (Quad Mode), 2 groups of I2C support SMBus and PMBus, 2 groups of I2S, 2 groups LIN, CAN bus, ISO-7816-3 interface, full-speed USB OTG, full-speed USB device, 1 MSPS high conversion speed 16-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), built-in voltage reference (Vref) generating circuit , 12-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC), 2 sets of analog comparators and temperature sensors, etc., to fulfill developers' high integration requirements for products. M451 full series and provide high-resolution 144MHz PWM pulse width modulation, fast motor control timer, resolution <7ns, with driving analog-digital converter (ADC), hardware brake protection and pulse capture function, saving the burden of the microcontroller operation , Effectively execute high-level calculations required for motor control, which has great advantages in industrial automation and motor control applications. In terms of chip security, in order to protect the intellectual property rights of customers, the entire M451 series has designed copper walls and iron walls, including Flash security locks, anti-tamper detection pins, 96-bit chip unique identification (UID) and 128-bit unique customer serial number (Unique Customer Identification, UCID), provides multiple protections for the development program.

The launch of the full series has 33 models, including M451 basic series, M452 USB function series, M453 CAN bus series and M451M series compatible with the Cortex®-M0 microcontroller M051. Nuvoton has established a complete product line. , Which can fully meet the needs of Cortex®-M4F for all levels of products, fulfill the promise of all-round assistance to customers, enhance long-term competitiveness, and fully meet customers' current development needs and innovative imagination for the future.

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