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Nuvoton Industrial Grade 8051 Series

May 08, 2020

NuMicro® MS51 series is an enhanced 1T 8051 core microcontroller with built-in flash, operating frequency up to 24 MHz, providing configurable 8/16/32 KB Flash and 1/2 KB SRAM and built-in 10 kHz and 24 MHZ high precision The clock source has an operating voltage of 2.4 V to 5.5 V and meets industrial-grade operating temperature of -40 ℃ to 105 ℃.

NuMicro® MS51 series has 12-bit high-precision ADC with up to 15 external channels to accurately sample multiple data, and the built-in bandgap can reverse the precise power supply voltage; 5 groups of up to 1 Mbps high-speed serial port can be used to connect multiple modules 1 set of I²C, 1 set of SPI; can support up to 12-channel PWM output and support the function of independently set independent clock source, GPIO has 20 mA high current drive capability, and 8 kV ESD and 4.4 kV EFT high anti-interference ability.

This series offers a variety of packages from 10 to 32 pins for different applications.

Target applications: home automation, industrial control, Internet of Things devices, battery management, wireless charging, etc.

Main features:

-Fully static 8-bit 1T 8051 core CMOS microcontroller
-The instruction set is fully compatible with MCS-51
-4-level priority interrupt configuration

• Working condition

-Wide voltage operating range 2.4V to 5.5V
-Wide operating frequency up to 24 MHz
-Industrial grade operating temperature-40 ℃ to + 105 ℃
• Memory
-Up to 32 Kbytes APROM user program code area
-Configurable 4 K / 3 K / 2 K / 1 K / 0 K byte LDROM boot code area, users can flexibly configure the purpose
-Flash supports up to 100,000 writes
-Built-in IAP programming function
-256 bytes on-chip direct RAM access
-Extra up to 2 K bytes of on-chip indirect access RAM (XRAM) read and write via MOVX instruction
• Clock source
-24 MHz high-speed internal oscillator, ± 1% accuracy level at 5.0 V power supply, full operating range ± 2% accuracy level
-16 MHz high-speed internal oscillator, ± 1% accuracy level at 5.0 V power supply, full operating range ± 2% accuracy level
-10 kHz low-speed internal oscillator, factory accuracy ± 10% grade
-Support external clock input
• Power management configuration
-Supports two power saving modes: idle mode and power down mode
-6 μA typical power consumption in power-down mode
• Timer
-Two sets of 16-bit timer / counters 0 and 1, compatible with standard 8051
-Six pairs, 12-channel pulse width modulator (PWM), 16-bit resolution, with different operating modes and Fault Brake function
-A set of self-wake-up timer (WKT) for autonomous wake-up in low-power mode
-A set of watchdog (WDT), with internal 10 kHz independent clock as the clock source
Communication Interface
-Two full-duplex serial ports with frame error detection and automatic address recognition. The TXD and RXD pins of UART0 can be replaced by software
-Up to three Smartcard interfaces, supporting ISO7816-3 and UART communication
-A set of SPI bus, the maximum transmission rate of master mode and slave mode can reach 12 Mbps
-A set of I²C bus, the maximum transmission rate of master mode and slave mode can reach 400 kbps
• Simulation
-A group of up to 15-channel, 12-bit ADC, up to 500 ksps sampling rate, can support continuous sampling
• Up to 30 GPIOs and support interrupt
• Powerful ESD and EFT capabilities
• 96-bit unique identifier (UID)
• 128-bit unique customer identifier (UCID)
• 2-Byte (16-bit) PDID

•Development Tools

-Nuvoton on-chip debugging based on KEILTM and IAR development environment (OCD simulation)
-Nuvoton in-circuit programming (ICP programming)

-Nuvoton in-system programming (ISP programming), programming chip through UART

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