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Nuvoton high-performance NuMicro M480 series applications

July 01, 2020

Nuvoton's high-performance NuMicro M480 series is mainly used for audio processing. There are many products on the market that use sound processing technology, from long-developed phones, mobile phones, wired headphones, amplifiers, electronic musical instruments, as well as wireless anti-noise headphones, children's toys, voice change/mix and sound positioning systems, Until the latest VR virtual reality and voice recognition, every product is closely related to the lives of modern people. In order to meet the various needs of users in the development of audio products, Nuvoton provides NuMicro M480 series with high-efficiency audio processing functions, and a variety of audio data transmission interfaces.

In the application of digital mixer, the M480 microcontroller has a DSP unit to perform various sound effects processing. After processing the input data of the sound through a high-performance algorithm, it mixes out the sound effect output with a unique sound field, which is not only suitable for Background sound effects for stage performances, DJ party sound effects, can also be used for conference room multi-person meeting, multi-machine tandem use. Input audio data can be read from SD card, USB flash drive, SPI Flash or microphone, and the mixed data can be transmitted to Bluetooth speakers, USB sound effects on the computer or speakers for direct output.


Nuvoton's NuMicro® M480 series uses an arm Cortex®-M4F core with a main frequency of 192MHz, and has a floating-point arithmetic unit (FPU) and digital signal processing instructions (DSP) to effectively improve the efficiency of executing various audio processing algorithms. Such as filters, complex amplitude, linear difference and fast Fourier transform... and so on. The maximum flash memory (Flash) is 512KB, and the built-in SRAM is up to 160KB. It provides sufficient memory space for users to store built-in audio files. In addition, it also provides a SPIM interface to read external SPI flash, which can be expanded up to 32MB. Peripheral functions provide a maximum of 5 bidirectional I2S, which can support high-quality audio with a sampling frequency of 192KHz and a data length of 32 bits. Others also support high-speed USB 2.0, full-speed USB 1.1, and can develop various USB audio device applications, such as: gaming headset microphones, UAC sound cards, high-performance digital mixers... and so on.

The advantages of M480 series products are as follows

(1) Up to 192 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4F core, with DSP instruction set 

(2) floating point arithmetic unit

(3) 512 KB flash memory, 160 KB SRAM

(4) Support SPIM interface, read external SPI flash, can expand up to 32MB capacity

(5) Up to 5 bidirectional I2S, audio resolution up to 192 kHz/ 32-bit

(6) 2 SD card controllers

(7) A set of high-speed USB 2.0 devices / host / OTG controller

(8) A set of full-speed USB 2.0 devices/host/OTG controller

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