• 2021 Indasina internal PK competition successfully concluded

    2021 Indasina internal PK competition successfully concluded

    Oct 19, 2021

    After a fierce PK friendly match in September, October ushered in a moment of fruitful results. Whenever the host reported amazing data, everyone cheers, it was a breakthrough, a new high, and the result of our hard work.It is wonderful to have you, Indasina colleagues; no matter the business colleagues standing in the forward or the logistics colleagues working silently, each of us has gathered together to struggle.With countless red envelopes, just look at the smiles of our colleagues.Colleague's evaluation: We have a boss who cares about employees, not only at work, but also in the lives and mentality of employees, which is very warm.There is also a small surprise. I will gather the birthday stars for birthdays in October.Although the September PK competition is over, there are more monthly challenges. We will continue to carry forward the spirit of September and the spirit of not giving up. Just like our colleagues said: Break through yourself, communicate with customers sincerely, and be trusted by customers , I never thought I would be able to receive a large order in the early morning of September 30. There are more Indasina company dynamic sharing "Indasina sponsors and supports the "2021 International AIOT Ecological Development Conference"" "Indasina Group internal business PK competition in September is starting"

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  • Indasina sponsors and supports the

    Indasina sponsors and supports the "2021 International AIOT Ecological Development Conference"

    Aug 17, 2021

    The annual industry event "2021 International AIoT Ecological Development Conference" was grandly held in Shenzhen. This conference was supported by 10+ AI and IoT-related associations. Among them, Indasina is also one of the sponsors, and Indasina strongly supports it.Promote technical exchanges and business cooperation between upstream and downstream companies in the application market of smart cities, smart homes, smart energy and other industries, integrate the technical strength and market channel resources of the international AloT, and create project roadshows for upstream and downstream companies in the electronics industry chain in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area , Looking for technical partners, docking ecological cooperation platform.In order to facilitate the participants to benefit from this conference to the greatest extent, the organizer has sorted out the following 8 highlights for everyone.The first highlight: National Energy Internet Industry and Technology Innovation Alliance Energy Internet of Things Special Committee, China Smart City Construction Investment Alliance, Shenzhen 5G Industry Association, Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association, Shenzhen Robotics Association, Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Society, Shenzhen Computer Industry Association, Shenzhen Big Data Industry Development Promotion Association, Shenzhen Microwave Communication Application Industry Association, Shenzhen Internet Industry Association, Shenzhen Information Industry Association, Ningbo Internet of Things Intelligent Technology Application Association will be the co-organizers of this conference to jointly promote Cross-regional cooperation and exchanges in China's AIoT industry.The second highlight: Three topics that cannot be ignored in the evolution of smart cities, new thinking in the AIoT era, empowering smart IoT edge processing, smart and secure wireless connection technology solutions, healthy and smart lighting IOT applications, and NFC wireless charging Application prospects and solutions in the wearable device market, interconnected lighting based on PoE power supply and visible light communication.The third highlight: Co-creating a smart life with the Internet of Everything, AIoT chip system solutions in the whole house smart scene, PLBUS power line bus to help the whole house smart, a new generation of LPWAN technology TurMass and its application in smart cities, under the background of industrial Internet Smart city solutions.The fourth highlight: looking for the next investment outlet and business partners, 7 high-growth emerging projects will be roadshows at this conference, investors and engineers friends actively participate in exchanges.The fifth highlight: Looking for business opportunities in the emerging smart microgrid and energy Internet markets, this conference will also promote the rise and cooperation of the energy Internet market with the National Energy Internet Industry and Technolog...

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  • Winbond Accounting confirms Nuvoton’s acquisition of Panasonic Semiconductor loss

    Winbond Accounting confirms Nuvoton’s acquisition of Panasonic Semiconductor loss

    Dec 02, 2020

    The stock price of Winbond, a major memory manufacturer, bucked the trend when Taiwan stocks rose sharply on the 16th. The main reason was the third quarter 2020 financial report released last week. The net profit after tax for a single quarter was NT$331 million. , A significant decrease of 53.3% compared with the second quarter and a decrease of 44% compared with the same period in 2019, the EPS per share came to 0.08 yuan. Cumulatively, the net profit after tax for the first three quarters was 954 million yuan, a decrease of 35.06% from the same period in 2019, and EPS per share came to 0.24 yuan. Under this circumstance, the stock price of Winbond continued to be impacted. The closing price on the 16th came to 17.05 yuan, down 0.35 yuan, or 2.01%.According to the integrated financial report for the third quarter released by Winbond, the subsidiaries including Nuvoton Technology increased their management and R&D expenses, although the third quarter revenue was NT$16.034 billion, an increase of 25.76 compared to the second quarter, also an increase of 19.47% from the same period in 2019. Among them, the gross profit margin was 26.96%, a decrease of 2.34 percentage points from the second quarter and an increase of 0.47 percentage points from 2019. The net profit after tax came to 331 million yuan, a decrease of 53.3% from the second quarter and a decrease from the same period in 2019. 44%, EPS per share is 0.08 yuan.Analyzing its financial statements for the current quarter, after its subsidiary Nuvoton completed the acquisition of Panasonic Semiconductor in Japan in September, it immediately confirmed a loss of NT$254 million from Panasonic Semiconductor in Japan that month. Since Winbond holds a 59.8% stake in Nuvoton, it is also reflected in Winbond's consolidated financial report for the quarter.In fact, when Nuvoton previously acquired Japan’s Panasonic Semiconductor, the market discovered that since 2014, Panasonic Semiconductor has continued to reform and lose weight, including the transformation from IDM to Fab-lite, and continued sales of factories, hoping to stop using the asset-light model. Loss. Unfortunately, these methods did not work. As of 2018, although Panasonic Semiconductor's revenue was 92.2 billion yen (approximately NT$25.8 billion), its net loss after tax was as high as 23.5 billion yen (approximately NT$6.6 billion). . And such continuous losses finally made Panasonic decide to withdraw from the semiconductor industry, which also contributed to the acquisition of Nuvoton.Only after the acquisition of Panasonic Semiconductor, how Nuvoton deal with related losses has become the focus of attention. Market participants pointed out that although Nuvoton obtained the operating rights, patents, production equipment and personnel of Panasonic Semiconductor through mergers and acquisitions, it usually takes some time for Japanese semiconductor companies to adjust. If the merger is completed in September, Winbond Imme...

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  • 8-inch wafer foundry opens price increase mode until next year Q2

    8-inch wafer foundry opens price increase mode until next year Q2

    Nov 11, 2020

    Foundry production capacity is in short supply, including TSMC, UMC, Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Power Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other foundries in the fourth quarter. The orders will be fully booked. At present, in addition to TSMC’s clear decision not to raise prices, UMC has confirmed last week that 8-inch wafer capacity is insufficient. This year, it has raised prices in response to the additional demand of IC design plants, and will be more comprehensive next year. At the same time, recent orders for chips for smartphones and automobiles have been released significantly, foundry is under pressure, and production capacity has become tighter. The subsequent packaging and testing plants also have orders queuing, which has caused chip price increases. Follow up the price adjustment to pass on the cost pressure...Since the beginning of the year, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the global increase in home office and online education has led to an increase in the demand for notebook computers and tablet products, which has driven the growth of demand for driver ICs and other semiconductor products. In addition, Huawei has aggressively promoted before the ban takes effect. The OEM negotiates production capacity, and orders for small and medium-sized enterprises are delayed. Under the situation of multiple factors, the global 8-inch wafer production capacity is tight. In order to ensure sufficient production capacity, many IC design manufacturers have begun to actively book production capacity for next year, and some long-term orders have even been placed in the second quarter of 2021. Some IC design manufacturers said that the current foundry production capacity is very tight, and the delivery time has been extended a lot. The previous delivery time was about two months, but at this stage it has reached four months. Even with such a delivery date, it is still being snatched wildly, otherwise there will be a huge risk of delivery failure. Among them, the 8-inch production capacity is the most popular, especially in the Chinese mainland market, where the market has fully launched a price increase model. Following Chipone North and Fuman Electronics, the industry also reported that Novatek, the leader in panel driver ICs, and Duntek, the world’s largest touch IC manufacturer, raised product prices, and Novatek’s increase rate reached 10%-15%. The increase depends on different customers.8-inch wafer foundry capacity continues to be tightHua Hong Semiconductor has three 8-inch wafer fabs with a monthly capacity of approximately 180,000 wafers; it has a 12-inch wafer fab with a monthly production capacity of 40,000 wafers. CICC's recent survey minutes on Hua Hong Semiconductor show that the 8-inch wafer production line is operating at full capacity.  As the supply of 8-inch wafers exceeds demand, some manufacturers have also increased product prices. According to Free Finance reports, UMC’s 8-i...

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