• Spreading out of stock! Crystal oscillator manufacturers announce price increases

    Spreading out of stock! Crystal oscillator manufacturers announce price increases

    Oct 21, 2020

    As the agent of the crystal oscillator, as far as the editor knows, recently, a domestic crystal oscillator company issued a price adjustment announcement. The company said that from September 26, 2020, the shipping price of a certain model of product will be appropriately increased. The price is increased by more than 15% on the basis of the current price, and the increase of special frequency points depends on different situations.The company said that due to the recent changes in the domestic and foreign trade environment, the cost of various raw materials has risen, and the cost of products has continued to rise. The pressure on the cost of some of the company's products has gradually increased, and the pressure caused by rising costs cannot be relieved through internal mining . At the same time, in order to continuously introduce more low-power, ultra-small, high-quality new products, the company has increased its R&D investment, which has led to a substantial increase in the company's production and operating costs.Crystal oscillators are now in short supply, many models are out of stock, and prices fluctuate every day, such as 3215 package, 32.768MHZ is super short, there is no resources, it doesn't matter, there is no stock at all.In fact, on August 26th, crystal oscillator manufacturers stated that due to the combined factors such as rising raw materials, key technology and process upgrades, demand growth, and changes in supply and demand, the prices of their products have increased to a certain extent.It is reported that the current delivery time of the crystal oscillator market is not very good. Although the current delivery time has improved compared with the beginning of the year, there are still some shortages. It is expected that it will improve by the end of this year or early next year.Crystal oscillator is ubiquitous in electronic equipment. It is an indispensable basic component for clock frequency and reference frequency signals in electronic circuits. It is widely used in 5G equipment, automotive electronics, mobile terminals, smart wearables, home appliances, computer phones, medical equipment and other fields .Since the beginning of this year, TWS headsets are in a period of rapid growth, single product prices are high, and industry profit margins are also high, and they are leveraging a market of nearly 10 billion yuan. In TWS headsets, the market demand for thermal crystal oscillators such as 2520 and 2016, which are small, high-precision, and low-power consumption, is also increasing. In addition, high-tech fields such as 5G base stations, automotive electronics, and the Internet of Things have a high demand for temperature-compensated crystals and thermal crystals in two sizes of 2520. Orders for this model of products have increased, gradually showing a trend of rising volume and price.Data shows that the current global crystal oscillator industry market is gradually increasing. With the gradual expansi...

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  • Indasina company inside PK competition in September had been ended successfully

    Indasina company inside PK competition in September had been ended successfully

    Oct 10, 2020

    Indasina Group internal business PK competition had been finished in September end. After a month of careful preparation and numerous tests of business, two groups Domestic team and Overseas team had been successfully climbing the company's performance history to break the peak again and show their elegant appearance.In this competition, both teams and sales fully embody the spirit of "to be the first to carry", try their biggest efforts to win themself and also don't forget Team-work. Every one's success may vary, but please believe, success requires every people who want to succeed to strive, to struggle, and each of the road to success, it is full of frustrations, only those who believe that their goal, continuous efforts, and constantly struggle, to achieve the final success, there are several colleagues in the circle of war "by leaps and bounds, day order full highest award, order quantity up to the highest award, best growth award prize, the completion rate, the highest prize in GP, etc."If good sales amount are achieved, I will let every employee have a red packet" is a promise made by Sales Manager in early September. Today, he fulfills his promise. Every colleague who received the red packet was very excited and happy.Although September has passed, 2020 is not over yet, and there is only one season left. We will continue to make much better.

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  • Indasina Group internal business PK competition in September is starting

    Indasina Group internal business PK competition in September is starting

    Aug 31, 2020

    September is the beginning of the peak season. More festivals and more activities, such as Alibaba's September Merchants' Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, Taobao, JD and Double 11 festivals. Therefore, we need to face the challenge, let our personnel and materials are both ready, and it is time to "make a big effort, never give up". Indasina Group internal business PK competition in September is starting.Each of us declaration, set personal goals and team goals, individual and team corresponding PK challenges.Domestic team and Overseas team write done their goalsEvery sales write down their goals:We believe that both teams will win and get the bew scores in this special month. Come on!Indasina Technology was founded in 2009, a group corporation composed of factories, is committed to a variety of electronic products and the overall customized solutions. With strong R&D team, over 15 years' technology experience and abundant industrial resources, we have provided lots of good products and solutions to the customers, especially offering OEM/ODM and complete solutions for a spectrum of applications.Indasina Group currently involves in these areas: Exclusive Agent of  IC/components,  Smart Security products(surveillance camera, consumer camera, home security camera, smart communities, robots, building access control, educational camera, home appliances, smart toys), LED TV(CKD/SKD solutions/products from 18.5inch to 75inch) and DVB/Set-up Box, ect.Our skilled R&D Team constantly help our customers achieving economic optimization for various electrical appliances. By owning manufacturing and assembly facilities, we control every aspect of production process and quality. That is why we can provide our customers with unprecedented quality, reliability and all-round support. Indasina Group is always committed to developing new products and solution resources to provide customers with the supreme cost saving solutions. Choose us, you will gain the benefit of unparalleled technical expertise at competitive prices and the most progressive solutions available.

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  • New Arrival: Wireless Display Receiver/Dongle, a New Way To Define Your Digital Life

    New Arrival: Wireless Display Receiver/Dongle, a New Way To Define Your Digital Life

    May 22, 2020

    The Screen of your phone is too small? Not enough for only watching video/playing games on a small screen and can not share with your friends?Wireless display receiver is your best choice.Wireless Miracast Dongle, also called Wireless Display DongleA new way to define your digital life.Wireless Miracast Dongle + Normal TV = Intelligent TVWith Wireless Display Receiver, any TV can instantly become a Smart TVIt lets your TV connect to your phone, computer, tablet, and so on.Home entertainment/training / business meetings, enlarge the domestic at any timeLED, LCD or Plasma TV, all no problemYou just need to have a HDMI PortMobile games/movie/photos / video/Projector can also be usedPlug and playListening / shopping online more and moreKids can watch it on the big screen, too! Mom can be more rest assuredFast to have a let it become your exclusive cinemaSharing the same screen with your familyDual Mode: Same Screen, Cast ScreenScreening is more stableShare the phone screen to the TV/Projector, enjoy the big screen funEasily start a meetingMobile connected to the projector/TV, clear presentation of the meeting.Suitable for business meeting, presentations or training lecturesConnect Life/Accompany EducationConvenient for teachers to teach new knowledge, make education more intelligent, effective and fun.Mirror Games to bigger screen, more enjoyablePlaying games with large screen to enhance and picture effect, creating a better game atmosphere

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