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New Promotion Ingenic T30ZB

December 23, 2019

Recently, a new product called spot cat X3 Smart cat eye was launched on the market. This is the T30ZB scheme of our company's agent brand Ingenic. This is a chip with ultra-high efficiency. Support low power fast startup, front-end humanoid detection false positive filtering, and face recognition algorithm; Support hd resolution, support 5M/4M/3M/2M/1M, support microphone array, activate audio and video combination application, built-in vector acceleration engine, support end level light AI application, etc

On the outer package, deep technology black packaging makes spot cat X3 smart cat eyes look more high-tech. And the exterior design of spot cat X3 is also very clever, especially the curved edge screen technology of 2.5d makes the exterior look very round without the use of angular design more obvious relaxed design style. From the top to the bottom are the lens and the PIR body detection sensor respectively. At the bottom is the doorbell. On the side of the external machine is the sound pickup hole. More intimate is in order to better fix the outdoor, but also added 3M foot paste. The spotted cat X3's home console comes with a five-inch screen that doesn't support touch. In the lower right corner is spotmau's LOGO. The X3 on the bottom of the screen has a little dot design similar to the Home button, and the touch actually has a vibration is very good yo. Spotted cat X3 indoor host also benefits from 2.5D curved edge screen technology, rounded edges.

At the bottom is the TF slot and the microUSB charging port. On the right is the speaker design. Is the most important part of the rear row line interface part, can offer range and data transmission, magnet on the bottom of the design can be well fixed on the steel frame. The camera image processing aspect, spotted cat intelligent cat's eye X3, the use of the professional monitoring chip, intelligent switch IRCUT, rich sense of true color images during the day and night the picture is clear, is the most amazing intelligent face recognition function, can be marked. If there are visitors, you can receive a call notification through the mobile app for timely viewing. The APP of spotted cat is rich in gameplay, and its core function is to obtain all relevant video information monitored by the cat's eye remotely through the mobile phone. From the main interface, you can check the situation at the door and communicate with visitors by voice.

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