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/MPS MP1540 1.3MHz, 18V Step-Up Converter

MPS MP1540 1.3MHz, 18V Step-Up Converter

The MP1540 is a 5-pin thin TSOT23 current mode step-up converter intended for small, low power applications.

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The MP1540 is a 5-pin thin TSOT23 current mode step-up converter intended for small, low power applications. The MP1540 switches at 1.3MHz and allows the use of tiny, low cost capacitors and inductors 2mm or less in height. Internal soft-start results in small inrush current and extends battery life. The MP1540 operates from an input voltage as low as 2.5V and can generate 12V at up to 200mA from a 5V supply. 

The MP1540 includes under voltage lockout, current limiting, and thermal overload protection to prevent damage in the event of an output overload. The MP1540 is available in a small 5-pin TSOT23 package.


•  On Board Power MOSFET 

•  Uses Tiny Capacitors and Inductors 

•  1.3MHz Fixed Switching Frequency 

• Internal Soft-Start 

•  Operates with Input Voltage as Low as 2.5V and Output Voltage as High as 18V 

•  12V at 200mA from 5V Input 

• UVLO, Thermal Shutdown 

•  Internal Current Limit 

•  Available in a TSOT23-5 Package APPLICATIONS 

• Camera Phone Flash 

•  Handheld Computers and PDAs  

•  Digital Still and Video Cameras 

• External Modems 

• Small LCD Displays 

• White LED Driver

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