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Monitor Qiao'an 360° Promise PTZ AI camera equipped with Ingenic T31X

January 27, 2021

As an agent of Ingenics, the editor will introduce to you a Qiao'an 360° Promise PTZ 5G dual-band camera powered by Beijing Ingenics T31X chip. The Ingenic T31X chip condenses the essence of Ingenic's multiple technologies, with super CPU computing performance, professional imaging capabilities, leading coding quality, rich differential expansion, extreme cost control and low power consumption genes, with well integrated richness AI function algorithm makes T31X the industry's top video processor.

5G technology promotes AI fusion security applications. 5G+AI+security products have been in people's field of vision for a long time, bringing people a higher-speed, convenient, high-definition, and intelligent experience. As early as 2020, Qiao An launched an exquisite and beautiful home 5G wireless security monitoring: Qiao An 360° Promise PTZ 5G dual-band camera C10. This article will analyze the highlights of this camera in the future.


Qiao'an 360° Promise PTZ 5G dual-band camera C10 adopts the fifth-generation dual-band wifi transmission technology, which can automatically recognize and connect 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals, so that the camera signal remains stable and does not drop, and the picture is smooth and not stuck. In a disconnected or non-networked environment, you can also connect to your mobile phone to watch without internet at close range. In addition, the installation and connection are fast, and it takes less than 1 minute to connect and use.

The 4 million-pixel Joan 5G dual-band camera C10 has excellent image hardware configuration-with excellent light transmission multi-layer optical glass, coupled with a high-sensitivity sensor, so that the image details are clear and the color is clear; at the same time, the picture frame is also adopted Gradually add color method, effectively improve the pixel distortion caused by color overexposure, rough picture quality, so that the details of the home can be seen. And 8 professional nano-infrared lights and soft light color frame-by-frame technology optimize the night vision supplement light effect, so that Qiao'an 5G dual-band camera video is still high-definition and full-color in low-light environments. It is worth mentioning that this 5G dual-band camera is equipped with a low-power Beijing Ingenic T31X chip, with excellent imaging and coding capabilities, superior CPU computing performance, and strong scalability, providing a solid foundation for subsequent AI function upgrades.

Different from traditional pan-tilt cameras, Qiao'an 5G dual-frequency camera has a built-in electrodeless device, which can remotely control the camera to rotate 360° infinitely, creating a monitoring field of vision without blind spots. After the motion detection function is turned on, once an abnormal situation occurs within the detection range, Qiao'an 5G dual-band camera will send the abnormal picture information to the user's mobile phone in real time. If the user needs special monitoring from multiple directions, he can also click on the screen to set up a multi-directional AI intelligent detection area (supports up to 25 directions) to accurately help users detect abnormalities and push abnormal information prompts in real time. In addition, users can choose to set up on-site warning sounds in advance to warn and remind people who appear in the video screen.

Smart home products bring people an efficient, convenient, comfortable and relaxing life experience. The body of Qiao'an 5G dual-band camera has only one button located under the lens. This button is not only a button for restoring factory settings, but also a call button, allowing the user's family to make a voice call with the device user at any time, changing the way of one-way active video communication with traditional surveillance devices.

Modern people are paying more and more attention to privacy requirements. Qiao'an 360° Promise PTZ 5G dual-band camera has also been processed in detail and equipped with a privacy masking function. After clicking Open on the APP, the camera will automatically turn the lens to the bottom and close the monitoring system, bringing users a sense of privacy and security. In addition, if the Tmall Genie is linked, it can also be turned on and off by voice, bringing you a more convenient experience.

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