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43 inch/49 inch

/Manufactory 43inch LED television smart TV CKD SKD kits OEM ODM design

Manufactory 43inch LED television smart TV CKD SKD kits OEM ODM design

*43inch overall CKD and SKD solution with high performance

*Model No.: 430S01


*High quality cabinet, plastic housing and metal back plate, CKD and SKD both can do

*Different optical solutions could be optional to meet your actual requirements

*All Electronic materials, Ingredients and Screws both can be customerized

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Products Overview:

We are professional LED TV CKD/SKD overall solution provider and OEM/ODM manufacturer with 15 years' experience, which has excellent solution design ability, specialized R&D team, best pre-sales and after-sales service. LED TV size from 18.5" to 75" CKD/SKD both can be customized. Our Aim is to provide you the quickest and most thorough pre-market after-sales service and the best overall solutions.

We can provide LED TV whole CKD/SKD solutions of Commercial TV, LED TV, BLU solutions, TV CKD materials, including plastic/plastic+metal TV Cabinet(front bezel, middle bezel, support shore, back cover, IR lens, bracket base, base rubber, backplane, side terminal plate, bottom terminal plate), Optics(LED bar/reflector/diffuser plate/diffuser film/prism sheet), Mainboard/motherboard, Electronics accessories(key board, IR board, wire for LED bar, speaker and speaker wire, remote, power wire, keyboard wire, LVDS wire), Ingredients(EVA gasket/glass limit/cushion rubbers/acetate tape/double sided foam for OC) and all screws(BB3*8/PWB3*8/BM3*6/BM3*4...).

Main Solutions:

43inch Backlight Solution 1
(Brightness: 4300cd/m²)
LED Bar (3*8) 2W
Diffuser Plate*1
Diffuser Film*2
Reflector Film*1
43inch Backlight Solution 2
(Brightness: 5000cd/m²)
LED Bar (3*8) 2W
Diffuser Plate*1
Diffuser Film*1
Reflector Film*1
Prism Film 0 degree*1
Cabinet Plastic + Metal (high quality appearance)
Electronic materials Mainboard+Key board+IR board+LED Bar with wire+Speaker with wire+Remote+Power Wire+Keyboard Wire+LVDS
Ingredients EVA Gasket for Middle Bezel+Cushion Rubber+Acetate tape+Screws
Remark:  CKD/SKD Customized can be accepted based on your actual requirement.

430S01 CKD Details:

1) Cabinet

Front Bezel: high gloss black, ABS

Middle Bezel: PC, black

Backplane: SGCC metal

Back cover: black

Terminal Plate: SGCC

2) Optics

LED Bar: MCPCB, 3*8pcs LED

Reflector sheet: 1pc

Diffuser Plate: 1pc

Prism sheet: 0 degree, 1pc

Diffuser film: 1pc

3) Electronics materials

Key & IR board: 7 keys

LED Bar wire, Speaker and speaker wire

Mainboard: 1pc

Remote, Power cable, LVDS wire

4) Ingredients

Gasket for middle bezel up & down, left & right

Cushion rubber for up & down, left & right

Acetate tape, double sided fowm for OC PCB

5) Screws

6) Packing

CKD Parts Introduction - Diffuser Film/Sheet

Diffuser is one of the components of backlight module. Its main function is to provide a uniform surface light source for the display.

Base material to choose light through high efficiency materials such as PET/PC/PMMA. Mainly in the spread of the conventional membrane diffusion film base material, join each chemical particles, as scattering particles, and the proliferation of existing plate between the particles dispersed in tree layer, so the light Xian after diffusion layer would continue again two refractive index through the medium of different, many will occur at the same time the light Xian refraction, reflection and scattering phenomenon, thus caused the optical diffusion effect.

The diffusion sheet structure from the bottom up is usually an antistatic coating, a PET substrate, and a diffusion layer.

Backlight module composition of the material from the bottom as the reflector plate, guide plate, diffusion, prism, the diffusion. Working principle is both diffusion material will light refraction and reflection of atomization, and will be out of small Angle light on the front in order to improve the front luminance. Diffusion mainly will be from the light guide plate together evenly onto a prism on a chip, and the diffusion is the main function of a prism pills shoot the light of atomization, and will even give light. At the same time the expansion can also protect the prism sheet.

All size can be customized by us according to customer's requirement.

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Q: How long is the warranty?

A: 1-year warranty since delivered out.

Q:How about the OEM/ODM service ?

A: We provide all kinds of OEM/ODM service,eg:Logo printing on housing,Customized package,Software Customization.

Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: Sample order about 3-5 working days, bulk order about 7-15 working days.

Normally, we ship goods by sea,air and express.

. By sea to your nearest sea port for 10~15 days

. By air to your nearest air port for 5~10 days

. By express(UPS,DHL.FEDEX,TNT...) to your door for 3~6 days

Q: What methods of payment accepted?

A:  1. We can accept T/T, L/C before production.

     2. If you have any doubt about payment, please contact us freely.

Q: Why do you choose us?

A: Shenzhen INDASINA Technology Co.,ltd is a high quality DLED TV manufacturer and solution provider. We will try our best to provide the products you need, we will provide you with the most satisfactory service. If you want to know more, you can contact us. We also welcome you to visit our factory in Shenzhen.

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Indasina, a group corporation composed of factories, is committed to a variety of electronic products and the overall customized solutions.

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