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/Ingenic T21 smart video application processor 1080P turnkey classic mode low energy computing enabling smart devices

Ingenic T21 smart video application processor 1080P turnkey classic mode low energy computing enabling smart devices

T21 Classic Smart Video Application Processor Turnkey

Integration XBurst, ultra-low power CPU technology, the Ingenic T21 smart video processor is the most popular solution for the video and intelligent analysis device. T21 is a high performance video processor. It has high level ISP and H.264 encoding technology, maximum resolution up to 3MP, and CPU frequency up to 1.0GHz, with MXU2.0(SIMD128) instruction. T21 integrated audio codec and 64MB/128MB DDR2, can make hardware design easily and shorten the time to market.

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Key Features:

Professional imaging ISP, night vision enhancement

Smart H.264 encoding engine, ultra-low code stream control

Extreme BOM cost control

Leading low power technology

Bulit-in Ethernet PHY

Ingenic XBurst technology

The XBurst is best energy efficiency RISC core based on the MIPS Instruction Set Architecture(ISA). Based on the Ingenic unique ultra low power pipeline technology, the dynamic power consumption of XBurst core consumes only 0.09mW/MHz while the frequency operating at up to 1.0 GHz. And when it gets into sleep mode, the static power is only 0.2mW. The SIMD128 instruction set, which called MXU2.0, implemented by XBurst engine, together with openCV operator, it can run real-time intelligent analysis algorithm.

Surveillance level ISP engine

The ISP core supports high level imaging quality with up to 2048x2048 resolution. Besides the 3A, lens shading correction, 2D de-noise, toning map technology, ISP engine supports muti-frame wide dynamic range(WDR) and 3D de-noise. Additionally, Ingenic ISP supports extreme low illumination, enhancement color/contrast technology, de-fog etc.

3MP Smart H.264 Video engine

Ingenic's proprietary Hilex Video Processing Engine (VPU) uses a combination of hardware and a microcode engine to provide a low power, yet flexible and upgradeable solution to video encoding. This approach make the VPU consumes less than 50mw when H.264 1080P@40fps stream encoding under High Profile. More than low power, T20 video technology support Smart H.264 protocol, which can save 20% bitrate when encoding a same stream.

Products Specifications:

CPUXBurst single core, up to 1GHz.
16KB L1 I-cache and 16KB L1 D-cache.
64KB L2 unified cache. 
Hardware floating point unit.
Encoder engineH.264 high profile
Smart H.264 features
Encoder PerformanceMax resolution 2048*2048
Up to H.264 1080P@60fps encode
H.264 multiple streams: 1080P@30fps+D1@30fps+JPEG@15fps
8 ROIs, 5-layer OSD with hardware
Lens shading correction
Advanced spatial noise reduction
Motion-adaptive temporal noise reduction (3D de-noise)
Multi-exposure HDR image fusion (WDR)
Space-variant HDR processing
Host tuning tools
MemoryCapacity of 512Mbit and 1Gbit
Computer VisionMotion Detection/Perimeter Protection
Face Detection
Human Detection
Dynamic Tracker
Video InputSupports 8/10/12-bit parallel input
AudioIntegrated 92dB audio codec
AAC, G726, G711, PCM encoding
Echo cancellation
Connectivity & PeripheralsPOR, RTC, WDT, ADC, UART, I2C, SPI, GPIO, SDIO, PWM, USB-OTG, EMAC,ETH-PHY
Physical FeatureTypical less than 400mW power consumption including DDRII
TFBGA152 ROHS, ball pitch of 0.65mm,body size of 9mmx9mm






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