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Ingenic chip's application in IoT segmentation: T20Z chip and Toucan wireless outdoor security camera

September 23, 2020

Since its establishment in 2005, Beijing Junzheng has been committed to developing independent innovative CPU technology and products in China. At present, Beijing Junzheng chips have been widely used in various segments of IoT. The product forms include smart cameras, smart speakers, children's companion robots, smart watches, scan code boxes, smart translation pens, etc. This product is the Toucan wireless outdoor security camera equipped with Ingenic T20Z chip.

Ingenic’s classic T20Z chip supports Smart H.264 encoding engine with full real-time performance; supports low-power quick start, supports 2 million high-definition resolutions, and supports SIMD128 instruction acceleration to achieve mild AI applications. T20Z is geared towards professional security cameras, consumer cameras, low-power cameras, and other types of differentiated video products. It has been launched in many categories and products, and has been well received by the market.

  Toucan is a product designed and produced by Tiancai, which is mainly oriented to the field of intelligent security. Tiancai’s achievements in the field of intelligent security have been widely recognized by many companies in the industry. Therefore, Gopro companies such as Arlo have also selected it as the original design and manufacturing of the enterprise itself. Quotient.

   Toucan wireless outdoor security cameras are mainly sold in Europe and America. In the field of smart security, it has attracted a large number of local fans due to its portability, safety and excellent experience.

In terms of portability, the Toucan wireless outdoor security camera is 100% cordless and powered by a rechargeable battery, so there is no need to consider restrictions on the use of the camera due to issues such as home circuit layout. And its own IP 65 protection grade makes it safe to use whether it is indoor or outdoor.

Although the Toucan wireless outdoor security camera is called outdoor camera, the application scenario of a good camera is definitely not just outdoor. Toucan wireless outdoor security camera has its own advantages in portability, and its application scenarios include but are not limited to taking care of the elderly and children, garages, gates, warehouses, offices, etc.

In terms of security, the Toucan wireless outdoor security camera is equipped with a full wide-angle full HD 1080p lens, which can record 1920x1080 pixel high-definition video without missing any detail in the lens. The night vision function allows users to discover potential threats and deal with them in a timely manner even at night.

The Toucan wireless outdoor security camera provides two-way audio and pre-recorded information. If the user is out because of a temporary incident, he can record a paragraph in advance to inform the visitor who comes during this period, so as not to delay the visitor's time. Of course, the user can also choose to communicate with the visitor in real time to inform the visitor when he will return.

When the camera's sensor detects that a person is performing activities within the visual range of the lens, it will receive the application notification triggered by the sensor, and then quickly respond to criminals or suspicious events by dialing the preset phone number and the alarm call. Ensure the safety of users and minimize user property losses.

  In terms of user experience, the Toucan wireless outdoor security camera supports Amazon's voice assistant, and supports 24 hours of video storage in the cloud space, so that users will not miss unknown events that have occurred, and will not be affected by the video occupying too much space on the phone Other user operations. Toucan wireless outdoor security cameras support two video recording methods, one is to automatically record events and save to the cloud, the other is to manually record and automatically save to the device. The user can also take a picture of what the camera is seeing and save it to the device.

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