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Indisina Training - Efficient Collaboration

July 24, 2023

We have started internal training with the theme of efficient collaboration, making communication between departments and colleagues more efficient. Every colleague plays an important role, and the main characteristic of collaborative promotion is that in the process of determining the team's action sequence and actual action time, communication and communication between teams are effectively promoted, thereby achieving an effective information transmission and monitoring during the action process. Each department establishes relevant departments, so as to have a certain communication channel, thereby realizing the importance of the enterprise to the engineering department, In the process of exploring scientific and reasonable team collaboration rules, unity has been achieved among various teams, avoiding the occurrence of free riding.


Training focus: The Communication Window, also known as Johari Window, is an analysis template that divides things in a person's work and life into four parts, representing four different types, which together form a "window".

The four quadrants in the communication window represent four different situations we encounter, each with its own characteristics.

Public Quadrant: As the name suggests, public quadrants are content that oneself knows and others also know.

Privacy Quadrant: The privacy quadrant is the part that one knows and others do not, and everyone has privacy.

Blind Spot Quadrant: The blind spot quadrant is the dark zone in our self-awareness, referring to the parts that others know but we do not know ourselves. We do not know the true face of Mount Lu, but only because we are in this mountain.

Potential Quadrant: The potential quadrant is the part that we do not know ourselves and others do not know, representing our potential.


The four quadrants in the communication window can be transformed into each other, transforming the privacy quadrant into the public quadrant. The method we use is' self disclosure '. The specific operation method is to actively reveal one's own story and thoughts to others, let them know more about oneself, and transform the blind spot quadrant into an open quadrant. The method used is to "plead for feedback" and ask others to point out one's blind spot. In any case, the purpose of quadrant transformation is to expand our open quadrant as much as possible and better exert one's influence.

Summarize: The open quadrant=respect and trust=communication efficiency. Choose appropriate time, methods, and means to quickly, accurately, and timely convey information, resulting in a sense of effectiveness and rhythm. Effectiveness refers to the effectiveness and degree of communication's impact on information recipients.

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