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/Indasina sponsors and supports the "2021 International AIOT Ecological Development Conference"

Indasina sponsors and supports the "2021 International AIOT Ecological Development Conference"

August 17, 2021

The annual industry event "2021 International AIoT Ecological Development Conference" was grandly held in Shenzhen. This conference was supported by 10+ AI and IoT-related associations. Among them, Indasina is also one of the sponsors, and Indasina strongly supports it.


Promote technical exchanges and business cooperation between upstream and downstream companies in the application market of smart cities, smart homes, smart energy and other industries, integrate the technical strength and market channel resources of the international AloT, and create project roadshows for upstream and downstream companies in the electronics industry chain in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area , Looking for technical partners, docking ecological cooperation platform.

In order to facilitate the participants to benefit from this conference to the greatest extent, the organizer has sorted out the following 8 highlights for everyone.

The first highlight: National Energy Internet Industry and Technology Innovation Alliance Energy Internet of Things Special Committee, China Smart City Construction Investment Alliance, Shenzhen 5G Industry Association, Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association, Shenzhen Robotics Association, Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Society, Shenzhen Computer Industry Association, Shenzhen Big Data Industry Development Promotion Association, Shenzhen Microwave Communication Application Industry Association, Shenzhen Internet Industry Association, Shenzhen Information Industry Association, Ningbo Internet of Things Intelligent Technology Application Association will be the co-organizers of this conference to jointly promote Cross-regional cooperation and exchanges in China's AIoT industry.


The second highlight: Three topics that cannot be ignored in the evolution of smart cities, new thinking in the AIoT era, empowering smart IoT edge processing, smart and secure wireless connection technology solutions, healthy and smart lighting IOT applications, and NFC wireless charging Application prospects and solutions in the wearable device market, interconnected lighting based on PoE power supply and visible light communication.

The third highlight: Co-creating a smart life with the Internet of Everything, AIoT chip system solutions in the whole house smart scene, PLBUS power line bus to help the whole house smart, a new generation of LPWAN technology TurMass and its application in smart cities, under the background of industrial Internet Smart city solutions.

The fourth highlight: looking for the next investment outlet and business partners, 7 high-growth emerging projects will be roadshows at this conference, investors and engineers friends actively participate in exchanges.

The fifth highlight: Looking for business opportunities in the emerging smart microgrid and energy Internet markets, this conference will also promote the rise and cooperation of the energy Internet market with the National Energy Internet Industry and Technology Innovation Alliance Energy Internet of Things Special Committee. Electric smart energy network construction and thinking, smart energy operating system to enable low-carbon integrated energy management, smart replacement of electricity into new outlets, enabling industry development, remote management solutions for shared battery car batteries, smart charging pile market operation pain points and solutions, etc.

The sixth highlight: Docking with system integrators in the fields of smart classrooms, smart communities, and smart health care, smart health care and campus overall solutions, and creating solutions for space human-machine non-inductive access.

The seventh highlight: face-to-face meeting and dialogue with a large number of heavyweight industry leaders to expand market channels.


The eighth highlight: This year, the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will publicly disclose to the public more than 200 scientific research and technological achievements that can be cooperated with external parties through the platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The fields cover AI, cloud computing, big data, Smart healthcare, robotics, semiconductors, and other industries are looking forward to having a good interaction and communication with domestic and overseas companies through this conference, and they are vacant for technical cooperation with powerful companies.

In the future, with the further improvement of digital infrastructure, the application of the industrial Internet market will also show explosive growth, which will promote the sustained and rapid development of the AIoT industry. Indasina company dynamic articles and more exciting content to share. Indasina's main products: chip agents, TV solutions, projector solution providers.

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