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Indasina personnel technical training about Ingenic Smart Camera

December 16, 2019

Through training to learn more about the company product knowledge, is each staff must master and learning ability. In order to ensure this time of training vivid and interesting, Indasina R&D department Robert HUANG spends a lot of time to collect data, and elaborate powerpoint lecture courses. The training topic is Indasina of research and development the main smart camera product knowledge of Ingenic chip.

Robert let us know the Pixel, pixels resolution of smart camera application system architecture, among them, the product the inner parts, understand the inside is chip, the prince of the CMOS Sensor image sensors, video processing chip, algorithm, drivers, application software, such as, communication, interface, USB LAN network, such as sheet application knowledge architecture and chip.

We listened carefully, actively interacted with questions and answers, and Robert explained and introduced them with patience and care. We have benefited a lot from the courses, and we will apply what we have learned to the work, so that the products and the company will become more professional.

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