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Indasina electronics components application in automotive electronics

February 26, 2020

Driverless cars in the study, the feasibility and practical aspects are made breakthrough progress, at the same time, the government formulated strict laws and regulations in order to reduce road deaths, auxiliary solution development low cost driving, traffic always headed by security safeguard people's life, in order to achieve the purpose of the unmanned automatic driving vehicle, ADAS provide active vehicle cruise control (ACC) system, blind spot detection (BSD), night vision system (NV), driver drowsiness detection system (DDD) and so on. The whole vehicle is equipped with many cameras and monitors, while the electronic chip agent of yijie huabang provides high-quality memory connected to the console of the advanced driving assistance system, providing the driver with a safer journey.

The car's central console facilitates display of in-car information and entertainment, including the car navigation system, video player, USB and bluetooth connection to the computer, vehicle network and WiFi. Infotainment systems also include steering wheel audio control and voice control to help reduce the safety issues associated with distracted driving. For applications with limited space, huabang chip has years of leading experience in the consumer market, and has a small packaging technology that can be used for higher density DRAM and higher capacity flash memory, bringing the advantages of memory into the automotive infotainment system market.

A digital display in an automobile dashboard that displays speed, fuel gauge, temperature, and other indicators and head-up displays digitally or graphically. Digital dashboards ensure accurate, reliable and immediate notification of drivers at all times. These displays require real-time 2D/3D images, and huabang's flash and DRAM memory can achieve this high speed.

Market focus to developing countries, or the technology center of gravity to tilt, electronic technology will inevitably affect the direction of the automotive electronics development, electronic technology plays a big role in automobile industry, to the promotion of new technologies, products and markets around the world through a global trend in the development of the comprehensive investigation and research, the future of the automobile electronic industry is green environmental protection, security, and connecting communication, let's wait and see.

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