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Inasina September PK Championship Kickoff Meeting

August 29, 2023

Our annual internal PK competition has started again. This time, we are all wearing black clothes, and black is the most mysterious and unpredictable color, just like our internal PK competition this year. With the arrival of many new friends, their strength and potential? Who can achieve explosive results and who is the dark horse is an unknown number, and the September PK match remains to be seen.

The purpose of conducting a performance PK competition is to consolidate employees' professional skills, strengthen communication and learning of skills, in order to stimulate employees' professional skills training, enhance the overall communication and coordination spirit and ability of the organization. At the same time, more new employees are joining, allowing them to quickly integrate into their job responsibilities, and cultivating employees' trust and sense of belonging to the company.

The atmosphere of PK matches is full.

Wearing work clothes is a bit dark and organized, doesn't it feel a bit mysterious? This is our strength, and there are more and more employees.


Director Liu delivered a speech, sharing the celebration banquet after the PK match that he had just arrived in October last year. Seeing the hard work and passion of each employee, he was deeply influenced. Under his leadership this year, water droplets pierce the stone, fire stars ignite the prairie, and hearts are interdependent, united to withstand countless difficulties and dangers; Layers of leaves form a shadow, and trees form a forest. Work shoulder to shoulder, unite to create a better tomorrow, and work together to achieve better results than last year.


After the kickoff meeting, we also shared delicious food and rewarded the employees first. The next September will be up to you, Hehe.

Looking forward to good results in September, the October celebration banquet will have a rolling financial source, and a lot of bonuses will be won with soft hands.

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