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/Hemu intelligent doorbell D1 is equipped with The ultra-efficient T21Z chip under Ingenic

Hemu intelligent doorbell D1 is equipped with The ultra-efficient T21Z chip under Ingenic

October 19, 2020

Hemu smart doorbell D1! Guard every moment of your life with your heart. The doorbell D1 is equipped with the ultra-efficient T21Z chip under Ingenic. Ingenic T21Z chip supports the Smart H.264 encoding engine with full real-time performance. Support low power fast startup, front-end false alarm filtering algorithm; It supports 2 million HD resolution and adopts a new generation ISP noise reduction technology. The power consumption of typical 2 million CODEC chip is less than 300mW, which is very suitable for making cost-effective low-power camera solutions.

smart doorbell D1.jpg

Recommendation 1
It can be seen widely and the light is dim and clear

Whenever there is movement outside the door, you can see it clearly even if the corridor light is not on. You can see the contrast between the image of the doorbell in full light and dim light. In the night vision mode, the image effect of the doorbell in full light is similar to that in full light, and the image details are also kept intact.

Recommendation 2
24 hours online, abnormal awareness more timely

If someone walks by the door, the smart doorbell will record the video immediately and push the video directly to your phone, so you can know what's going on outside even if you stay at home! Can say is very practical!

smart doorbell.jpg

In addition, the smart doorbell also has the function of face recognition, which can capture the faces in the picture and recognize family members, friends and strangers through intelligent learning analysis, with the recognition rate as high as 99.9%, reducing the interruption of frequent push messages and ensuring the security of the family at all times.

Recommendation 3
Remote video call, see who's at the door

When someone rings the doorbell, thousands of miles away, you can have a high-definition video call with the person outside. If you are a stranger, you can ask them what they are up to. If you are a family friend or cleaning lady, you can also share the temporary authorization key for the smart door lock.


Hemu smart doorbell D1 is super easy to install, without wiring directly tear off the back glue protective film, stick it in the position you want to install ~~ because Hemu smart doorbell D1 USES imported industrial grade 3M back glue adhesive tape, after installation, exaggerate to use a knife to separate the back glue and wall. And the random gift of a screw, can also be fixed with screws.


Indasina is the authorized agent of Ingenic Chipset, please contact us for more details. 

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