Group Planning

Company Introduction

Founded in 2009, Indasina has been deeply engaged in providing solutions for the audio and video industry. We are committed to bringing audio and video solutions into every person, every family and every organization through the world's manufacturing industry, and building an interconnected intelligent world of everything.We provide competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in the fields of set-top boxes, televisions, security, intelligent AI, etc., and open cooperation with eco-partners to continuously create value for customers, unleash individual potential, enrich family life, and stimulate organizational innovation.Daxinlang insists on continuous innovation based on customer demand, increases investment in basic research, accumulates and develops rapidly, and promotes world progress.

Group operating core

Indasina always relies on customers, insists on customer as the center, and creates value for customers by providing continuously innovative solutions and r&d products.Internally, we rely on employees with common goals and visions, take talents as the core competitiveness of the company, and let contributors get reasonable returns;Build a win-win ecosystem with upstream and downstream suppliers, business partners, industrial organizations, cooperative universities and research institutions to promote technological progress and industrial development;We comply with the applicable laws and regulations in the countries where we operate, create jobs for the local community, generate tax contributions, and maintain open communication with the industry and beyond.

What have we brought to the world?

Create value for customers: always take customers as the core and customer needs as the orientation to carry out business and r&d programs.

Opening up the upstream and downstream supply chain platform: advocate openness, cooperation and win-win, cooperate with customers and partners for innovation, expand industrial value, and form a healthy industrial ecosystem.

Provide a platform for like-minded people: evaluate and select talents through responsible contributions, provide a platform for employees' global development and an opportunity for dialogue with the world, cultivate ambitious young people who can take on important responsibilities and grow rapidly, and contribute to social employment and family stability through talent training.

What do we insist on?

Big xin wave ten years insist on focusing on the main channel, resist all temptation;Insist on not taking shortcuts, reject opportunism, down-to-earth, long-term investment, thick and thin;Adhere to the customer-centric, talent as the core competitiveness, and strive to contribute to the society and the world's ability to fund.

We will not fail to live up to the historic opportunity that the generosity of The Times has given us.

Please tell us your needs

Indasina, a group corporation composed of factories, is committed to a variety of electronic products and the overall customized solutions.

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