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/GMT G517AL1TB1U SOT-23-6 Regulator IC

GMT G517AL1TB1U SOT-23-6 Regulator IC

The G517 device is a full featured 6.0V, 4A synchronous step down current mode converter with two integrated MOSFETs.

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47/70mΩ High-Side MOSFET 

Available with Current Limits with Foldback 

Operating Range:2.7V to 5.5V 

1mS Typical Rise Time 

Fast Overcurrent Response -1.5μs (TYPICAL) 

Under voltage Lockout 

1μA Maximum Shutdown Supply Current 

Logic Level Enable Pin, Available with 

Active-High or Active-Low Version 

No Reverse Current when Power Off 

Deglitched Open-Drain Over-Current Flag Output (FLAG) 

Output Reverse-Voltage/Current Protection 

SOT-23-5, TSOT-23-6, TDFN2x2-6, WDFN2x2-6, 

TSOT-23-6 FC, and MSOP-8 Packages (Halogen Free) 


High-Side Power Protection Switch 

USB Power Management 

USB Host and Self-Powered Bubs 

USB Bus-Powered Hubs 

Hot Plug-In Power Supplies 

Battery-Charger Circuits

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