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/GMT G2263AV1U AQFN2X2-14 Synchronous Boost Converter

GMT G2263AV1U AQFN2X2-14 Synchronous Boost Converter

9A, 600kHz High Efficiency, Synchronous Boost  Converter with Output Disconnect.

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General Description  

The G2263 is a high efficiency, synchronous,  current-mode, boost converter with output disconnect.  The G22263 starts up from and input voltage as low as  1.9v, and maintains good performance with input  voltage higher than 2.8V. The integrated P-channel  synchronous rectifier improves efficiency and eliminated  the need for an external Schottky diode. This P-channel  disconnects the output from the input during shutdown.  The G2263 provides a compact solution for a 5V output,  4A load requirement, using a supply voltage down to  2.8V.  The G2263 is available in AQFN2x2-14 package.


  • 2.4V ~ 5.5V Input Voltage Operation. 

  • 98% Efficient DC/DC Converter 

  • 600kHz Fixed Switching Frequency  

  • 9A Typical Switch Current Limit  

  • 40uA Quiescent Current  

  • High Efficiency over Full Load Range  

  • Internal Soft-start and Compensation  

  • True Output Load Disconnect from Input 

  • Built-In OCP, SCP, OVP and OTP Protection 

  • AQFN2X2-14 Package.


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