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GALAXYCORE CMOS image sensor

Part No.GC8024

Support platform: the platform is required to come with ISP, MTK, all except 72, qualcomm, spreadtrum 9832 system

Features: high cost performance RAW 8M product, support 6.5*6.5 FF structure

Application: mobile phone /MID

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Galaxycore mainly designs, develops and sells high quality CMOS image sensor chips with cost advantages, which can collect optical images and convert them into digital image output signals. Image sensors are mainly used in mobile terminals such as feature phones, smart phones and tablet computers. Design, develop and sell LCD driver chips that drive LCD panels to display image data on the screen.

Galaxycore full series products:

Catalog 8-megapixel
Part Number GC8024
Resolution 3264 x 2448
Optical Format 1/4  inch
Pixel Size 1.12μm x 1.12μm(TSI)
Output Format RAW
Chroma Color
Interface MIPI
Power Consumption 160mW

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